Experiencing Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam

Today, I experienced the Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with Activated Carbon and Vitamin B3.

Carbon has been known to to be an effective purifying agent in industrial and medical uses. But for years now, it is found that we women could benefit from carbon as well through our beauty products. Pond's formulated their newest cleanser with Activated Carbon, Carbon that is made to be more effective, to absorb dirt and impurities from the face. Pond's has also added Vitamin B3, known whitening ingredient, to help skin achieve a lighter tone with every wash.

You know how anal I get about my cleansing method. It really is something that I make sure to give attention to. No makeup residue, free radicals or other any other pimple-causing environmental factor should still be on my face after washing.

What I love about Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam

  • The sleek black and pink packaging
  • The unique silver pearl formulation
  • Scent is not too strong
  • Gives that clean and refreshing feel
  • Removes dirt and impurities effectively
  • Zero trace of dirt after washing
  • Very much affordable
  • Available nationwide!

What I don't..
  • None!

Here's a pic of me after washing with Pond's Pure White.

Even if I want my face feeling squeeky feel, I'm glad that this certain facial wash is not too drying and yet the feel of cleanliness and smooth feel was still there. Although there was nothing so significant with my initial trial except that there was hardly any dirt help for my toner to remove.

I'm sure I can use this as a makeup remover by massaging it on to dry face and washing it after. Even then, this is such a great partner with my Pond's Cold Cream. With the Activated Carbon in Pond's Pure White and the effectiveness of Pond's Cold Cream to remove makeup, I will surely have the cleanest skin on earth. Lol!

I definitely recommend this to all the youngsters out there who wants a cleaner, fresher and fairer skin. This facial wash will surely be your best friend after your first try.

I love that there are no parabens in the ingredients as well.

much love,

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Pond's Pure White is available in 5g (Php 5), 10g (Php15), 50g (Php80) and 100g (Php150) at all leading deparment stores, supermarkets, beauty and drug stores and selected convenience stores.

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  1. i'm planning to try this.. thanks for the review!

  2. Nice Sharing..Can you suggest me which Cream or lotion to use before Steam Bath?
    Facial Cleansing

  3. No parabens! yey, I'm cautious on what I use since I got pregnant, even if there are so many products to try. But better safe than sorry, plus tipid mode pa. =)

    Health and Beauty Geek

  4. Ano nagagawa ng paraben? masama ba yun? enge po ng products na may paraben

    olay natural white healthy fairness day lotion.

    Ponds clear solution facial scrub
    (fight pimple with 5 pesos)

    Nivea white activ for men

  5. ate, pano ka po gumawa ng website? and are the other things around yours too? i just need to know for my research. :) thanks.


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