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If there was one thing that kept me from using makeup before, it's removing them after. I didn't like the residue, the panda eyes, the pimples from the dirt that wasn't lifted from simple washing of the face. I hated that and I still hate it even more now. And I'm sure I'm not alone in this dilemma. I know many of you have apprehesion in using makeup because you simply have no patience to remove them, some doesn't even know how to.

I remember that back in the day, I relied on 5 times washing of the face to remove the foundation applied on me. While I remove the eye makeup using baby oil. How absurd right? Not only do I strip my face off of the natural moisture, I also end up with blurry vision. It was really sad.

Of course there are many available makeup remover out there. unfortunately, many of them are expensive. :( Great thing though that I found a great alternative to those expensive cleansing milks and makeup removers.

Meet my new makeup remover and cleanser!

Pond's Perfect Care Facial Wash and Cold Cream

Let's start with my makeup remover

Did you know that Kylie Minogue only uses Pond's Cold Cream on her face? This chart-topping pop star embraces her age and lines but kept it smooth with this tested cream. Her mom introduced her to the Pond's Cold Cream and she's been using it ever since. Quite the thing actually, because my mom introduced this to me as well. She told me that if I ever started using makeup, I should never sleep with it on and always remove it it Pond's Cold Cream.

When Pond's re-introduced this to me, it really made me miss my mom a lot. The lemon-y scent of it brings tears to my eyes because I remember when i use to smell it on her when I snuggle with her in bed (my mom and I shared a bed off and on for 25 years. that's how close we are).

But Mommy was right, this really is a good cream. And if Kylie Minogue could trust her face with this one, I know I should, too, right?

Pond's Cold Cream removes everything from daily face irritants like pollutions and excess oils as well as makeups from foundation to stubborn waterproof mascara and eyeliners.

Now, on to my facial cleanser.

When I feel too lazy using the Pond's Cold Cream during the days I didn't put a stitch of makeup on. I use Pond's Perfect Care Facial Wash as a dirt remover by slowly massaging it on my dry face. Grab a tissue and wipe the excess off. Then I use a 25 centavo size of this again and wash my face with water.

It's non-drying and keep my face really soft and clean. After that method, I clean my face again with my treatment soap. But for those of you who are not treating your face with medicated soap or derma products, you can use this as a day and night facial wash. It will not strip away natural moisturizing oils on your face and it will leave feeling fresh. It is also hypo-allergenic so there is no cause for unnecessary skin reactions.


I love the scent of this facial wash, it's not too strong but just right. It can also be a great partner for any skin regimen you currently have.


Now, that I've introduced you to a tried and tested makeup remover and cleanser, I'm sure you won't think twice with playing with makeup now. Knowing that you'll get back that clean feel on your face again, you can play around with lots of colors and products day and night. And isn't that just what we all want to do? I know I do! :)

much love,

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Pond's Perfect Care Cold Cream and Facial Wash are available at your favorite department stores, drugstores and groceries nationwide.

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  1. that cold cream din ang gamit ko kapag nagpe-facial kami ng bf ko hahaha.. maarte yun e

  2. my mom loves ponds cold cream too.. my grandmother gave her that...

  3. Haruhi_Suzumiya882/2/11 10:43 PM

    nice. i use pond perfect care facial wash too. :)) great product ! a must buy.

  4. I use this too! It's a really nice product. The smell, the fresh feeling, it's nice. :)

  5. nessie cuevas19/2/12 4:24 AM

    is it really effective?will it not irritate my skin? i have pimples kase ei,maybe that will make my pimples even more..im worried..


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