Internet Addicts need Good Internet Connection

When people ask me how I was able to learn about makeup so fast, there is one word that crosses my mind, YouTube. I spent hours and hours watching different tutorials on YouTube and I take it all in. That is why when I started to get serious professional training, I already had a good background on makeup artistry. I know the lingo, the tools, the terms, the brands, and the techniques. Can you imagine if I had slow internet connection? Where would I be now? Still learning how to do my eyebrows, I think.

When I saw the commercial of PLDT MyDSL, I couldn't help but relate to it. It is basically my life. I am 24 hours online. At work, at home, even at play, I am online. I'm just glad that now in our new home, we have PLDT MyDSL as our source of internet connection. I remember a friend's husband told me that PLDT is still one of the best internet providers, it having line connection as opposed to other types of internet services (some techno gibber I couldn't understand. hehehe!). And I admit he is right. I never had any internet connection related problems ever since I first tried it more than a year ago.

Even when Typhoon Ondoy hit our beautiful metropolis, PLDT MyDSL has survived in our area. Even to the last minute when the electricity finally shut down, we still had internet. And immediately after when the lights went back up, our internet and phone connection was working as well. You have no idea how important that was for me at that time because I was about to start my job at a prestigious magazine then and at the same time I had my family in Marikina (City where Ondoy did its worst) to worry about. I didn’t know how to contact my dad since all the phone lines were dead but I was able to contact a lot of people to check up on my dad. Through internet, I was able to give my dad’s address through the spreadsheets being uploaded online. On Facebook, I was able to ask help from friends who speaks to anyone from that area. Being trapped in our condo with chest deep flood in our area with feeling of helplessness, my PLDT connection really eased it a bit knowing I was able to do something, even just a little for the safety of my family.

I am certainly impressed with an internet service I barely have to worry about. And I don’t like to worry about anything especially when I’m in a middle of blogging a topic I am really interested about… like this one, for instance.

If you're a blogger, you know what I mean by this. It is a pain to be offline. The deadlines I could miss, the e-mails I can't read... the gossips! Oh! The celeb and Facebook gossips! I simply can't live without an internet. I confess I am an internet addict. I want to tweet, place status messages, upload photos, play online games on my wifi-enabled phone, write on my blog, read blogs like, chat with long distance friends, watch entertaining YouTube videos like this tarsier (click me), watch YouTube tutorials, shop online, be updated in the latest fashion trends, follow tweets of my favourites celebs, rearrange my website, e-mail friends, e-mail colleagues, etc. etc. etc. I even go online to check out recipes for our dinner. I even have my food delivered via online.

Imagine if I have a sucky, always fluctuating, PMS’ing internet connection. It won’t do… it just won’t.

But all of those things I want to do online is possible. It is actually happening right now, right this moment. On a weekend, at home, I am doing almost all those things (switching tabs of course). Thanks to PLDT MyDSL, I am one super blogger/internet user... and the BF doesn't even mind (he’s busy going over :)

Remember that commercial I was telling you about? It's this:

How cool that MyDSL has gathered internet’s most searched/watched/trended/played people, videos, websites, and games in one cute silly commercial. I had to watch it twice. And believe me, two times watching this is enough to get LSS (last song syndrome) with its theme song.

If there is anything that internet has taught me, there are just tons of opportunities to uplift you... even to the point of stardom. All you need is a reliable internet connection. Yes, a good DSL Internet provider. Forget the talent manager, forget the audition, and forget the lavish stage. You don’t even need a super bonggacious costume. Just look at our very own Dancing Inmates of Cebu who became an international YouTube wonder just like Charice Pempengco. Honestly, I teared up after seeing those inmates dance the Michael Jackson Thriller song.

And did you know that the Piano Guy is already a MYX VJ? Yup, He’s the cute Ton De Dios giving you all your favourite music videos. Cute, unruly hair with good singing videos and a cool job…. How I wish I am 18 again. :) Just think of possibilities. All of this you can achieve… just because you have internet… a good DSL internet connection.

And like a home shopping channel that I usually sound like… There’s more!! Y’all know what a couch potato I am, right? Not only are we online 24/7, we can even watch our favourite shows online with the PLDT Watchpad ( It has 20 free TV channels and exclusive videos. So that’s like having a cable TV bundled in my internet package already. If you want to get a cool package, they have XCITE 1995. It also comes with the FREE Watchpad, which is Windows 7 compliant and soon on Mac.


Much Love,

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  1. Oh my gosh Shen, hubby is also hooked with Pacman's Official Website!! And we have been a PLDT DSL Business Subscriber since 1998!


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