Sunsilk Hair Experts Press Launch

Sunsilk has made quite a name in our beautiful country, Philippines, for the past decades. They have made it their life's mission to give Filipina fabulous looking hair sans the expensive price. I didn't know anyone who didn't use sunsilk in my family and friends. Clearly, it is not needed to be said that they are on of the top hair care provider in this tropical shores.

I was invited, along with fellow beauty and lifestyle blogger, to this once in a life time event. Five personas of hair styling and hair care all over the world teamed up with Sunsilk to provide every solution to every possible hair problems of Filipinas.

That night, we were lucky to meet two of these reknowed people, Yuko Yamashita and Teddy Charles. To top it off, there was a fashion show of the most beautiful models of the Philippines. Sarah Meier hosted the event splendidly keeping our eyes glued to her fabulous hair and yellow ensemble. Lastly, we were starstruck to Sunsilk Ambarssadress, Sarah Geronimo. It was clear why she became the face of Sunsilk, with such grace and down to earth vibe. She's soft spoken and people are just in aw with how humble this girl is despite all the success she has achieved for the fast few years. I am an admirer then and will continue to be so.

Sarah Meier

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Beautiful Isabel Roces

Sarah Geronimo

Sarah and Sarah

Yuko Yamashita, pioneer of Japanese Hair Straightening

Teddy Charles is sooo gwapo!!

Yuko Yamashita and Teddy Charles

We were showed the prototype of Sunsilk Salon in Market! Market! Taguig.
It was huge!

Carla and Nell

Carla, Nell, Leirs and Sai

Sneak at the backstage :)

Bloggers in the house!!

Jonel, Michelle and Rowena

Frances, looking so pretty.

Nikki, Frances and me!

Beautiful girls who head the leading magazine of the country.

My newest Crush, Alex Paigne. Sigh! I wish I was 20 again.

Nabbed photos from Nikki! Thanks, Keith and Nikki for the pics!!

Beauty Bloggers with Yuko Yamashita. What an honor!

With my boyfriend, i mean famous hair stylist, Teddy Charles. Hehehe!

With the popstar, Sarah G!

Uber fabulous Sarah Meier

Always present, Shen, Nikki, Rowena and Michelle.

Beauty bloggers in the house!

With Azarael, the seemingly turning beauty blogger. Peace!

As if we would pass up this photo wall outside White Space.

Enjoying the Photo Booth. :)

Did you know that these four bloggers are among the press people that The Philippine Star featured on their Lifestyle section last sunday? Yes! Our photo was there! Thanks for the heads up, girls! Thanks to The Philippine Star!

I always consider being at these functions a blessing and every time my heart skips a beat when ever I'm in one. I'm still amazed with the products being introduced to this country. Filipinas deserved to have products that are within their reach and being at this event allows me to show you that there are amazing products out there for us to enjoy.

Til next event!

much love,

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