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Monday Craving: Golden Spoon Cappuccino Frozen Yogurt


This is what I miss most when I was in detox diet.
Golden Spoon Cappuccino Yogurt

Golden Spoon Cappuccino Frozen Yogurt
with marshmallows and dark choco chips

If you want a yogurt that tastes like ice cream, then Golden Spoon is the best yogurt for you.
I'm not an ice cream fanatic but yogurt, its a whole different story.
I could drown myself in yogurt.
Especially this one.

I miss you. So much.

Too bad I'm starting my detox diet again this week.
Maybe I can cheat.. after all, what's a cup gunna do?
its super healthy, after all.


much love,

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4 fab comments

  1. have you tired cake batter? that is divine!!

  2. I've been craving for ice cream ever since the day before yesterday! haha! I'll try this next time! :D

  3. Nyum I want some!! Nothing beats anything like a yogurt that tastes like ice cream!


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