Event: Jewelmer's Pearl 101 and a Little Window Shopping

When I got another invite from Kankan of Yehey to attend a Pearl Talk 101 with Jewelmer, I jumped at the chance. I've done my own research about pearls but I still want to know more, especially from the people who makes it their live's mission to help create beautiful perfect golden pearls.

Our location was inside Jewelmer Eastwood Mall.

There are two types of pearls.
Fresh Water Pearls that came from two-shelled mollusks that live in freshwater bodies, also kwown as mussels. Pearls from fresh water are created through tissue nucleation
Salt Water Pearls are those that came from two-shelled molusks that live in salt water bodies, also known as oysters. Pearls from salt water are created through bead nucleation.

Salt Sea Pearls are what Jewelmer is all about.

Pinctada Margaritifera could give birth to the wonderful coveted black pearls.

Pinctada Fucata (not shown) could give birth to the elegant white pearls. Mikimoto of Japan are famous for these type of pearls. If you watched Americas Next Top Model, one of the models were gifted with the famouse Mikimoto Pearls

I almost cried when I had to give this back.

Pinctada Maxima, the golden-lipped (the edge of the mother-of-pearl) gives birth the elusive South Sea Pearls. And the Golden South Sea Pearl is only found in our beautiful country, Philippines.

The result, a golden blush from each pearl.

It took a lot of will power to give this back. Now I wish i listened to mom to study harder. If I did, I would have gotten a high-paying job and buying this would have been a simple walk in the park.

Although these are cultured pearls and not those made entirely by Mother Nature, the interference that are made are assuredly minimal. For a pearl to cultivate, it takes almost 6 years... and with Jewelmer Pearl Farming, we have been told that interaction with the mollusks from its nucleation, cleaning and grafting are only about 700 times.

More so, I was impressed with how they have kept the environment free of pollution. Our virtual trip to its Pearl Farm in Palawan was enchanting. Clear sea water are these oysters home. Jewelmer believes that despite these interaction, only Mother Nature can create that perfect round pearl. So they help her by maintaining a en environment fit to harvest those coveted pearls.

I sincerely admire the whole process of pearl farming, human and nature working hand in hand. Something that many companies and manufacturers now have trouble doing. Most often, we take advantage of our nature for our gain. But Jewelmer led me to believe that there is hope for us to work together with Nature.

Best of all, we come out of it looking a lot more beautiful that we already was.

Oh pearl earrings... I love you.

My dream engagement ring. I'd much rather have a pearl (with diamond in it of course) as a engagement ring. I believe that finding your mate is quite similar to that finding a pearl from all the oysters of the sea bed. Like the Badjao's searching for a pearl, I'd like to think that from all the other girls that my mate could have been with, it is in me he saw that certain something that he needed.. and wanted.

Something for our children, charm bracelets that we can gift to them and help them in collecting.
Made of sterling silver but could be made with white gold.

I love this bracelet.. reminds me of sea creatures

Jewelmer also makes other jewelry. The gold also came from the Philippines.

Upon seeing this one, R and I decided that this should be our wedding rings.
Having had a chance to wear it, I can't believe how comfortable they are.
Jewelmer adapted the comfort-fit into these wedding bands, much like how we feel for our spouses.

Row, Michelle and Jen

Leira, Kankan and Sire

All of us with the beautiful women of Jewelmer and Karla of Yehey!

Wear a pearl and help save the Palawan Seas.


The Golden South Sea Pearl is the Philippine National Gem: A true representation of our country rich inheritage and a reminder of all the best qualities of the Philippines.

This Pearl is a symbol of the health of our planet. It's beauty, a result of nature's bounty and man's passion for perfection.

This is the miracle of the Golden Pearl.

All prooceds from the sale of each bracelet with go to the SAVE PALAWAN SEAS FOUNDATION.

each cost only Php2500.00

I'm wearing mine everyday now. :)

much love,

visit www.Jeweler.com to know more about the Golden South Sea Pearls.

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  1. i love love pearls! jewelmer has a branch here at marquee mall :) i got my first south sea pearls as a graduation present..they're 13 mm in pure white with a matching necklace pero siopao yung sa pendant,tama ba? haha i'm not too familiar with pearl terms..anyway,very nice investment. and they look classy bagay kahit saan. haha your guy should see this entry,para makita nia engagement ring nia for you!


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