Iphone Apps I Love

Taking my cue from from Teeyah, I am going to share to you my favorite Iphone Applications.

Foursqauare App - Free
Foursquare is a social network app that allows me to check-in different locations that I'm at and share them with my friends. It shows how "lakwatsero" I am. I love earning badges, too. :)

Facebook App - Free
Another app is something all of you are familiar with. Since most of my friends have faebook accounts, keeping in touch with them has been a lot easier since I can be updated with their status where ever I am. I can also update my facebook status anytime as long as I have wifi or 3g.

Twitter App - Free
Another favorite of mine and it has been apparent lately is the Twitter app. I just love reading tweets from my favorite celebrities, writers, bloggers etc with this apps. I get so entertained sometimes that I spend hours on this twitter.

Google Map - Comes in all Iphones
This map is my life savior. As long as I have signal, I can never get lost.

IPod Video (comes in all Iphones)
Since learning how to convert my .avi to .wma files, I can now watch my favorite shows and movies even if I'm on the go. I never have to miss a show whenever I'm out of town!

Logitech Touch Mouse
Whenever I get so lazy to go to my laptop to shut it off or look into a file especially when I'm in bed, this app allows me to navigate my computer.

ABBYY Business Card Reader - $2.99
Got this on sale, I think. This allows me to transfer the many calling cards I get during events without having to type them in. It's like a scanner but so much better. The ABBYY converts the calling card it reads into my contacts.

Bible - Free
Like Teeyah, I, too have this app. Whenever I'm confused I find solace in God's Words.

Rosary App - Free
Mom has thought me to pray the rosary when ever I'm in trouble or when I feel like I'm losing my faith. This also have the newest mystery that my old rosary pamphlet didn't have.

Stanza Reader - Free
I read a lot. I read a lot of romance novels and lately biographies. Having the soft copy with me allow me to read even if I don't have the actual book with me. This often keeps me entertained. Now I can finish more books than I ever did. I also get to spend my idle time much more efficiently.

Mosquito Repellant App - Free
Since my friends and I loves drinking coffee al fresco, we are prone to mosquito bites that lurks tunder the tables. This app has lessened it quite a bit by emitting a sound that irritates mosquitoes. :)

Coke App - Free
Do you remember those magic 8 balls that answers your questions? Well, this one works the same. Ask your question, shake it and pop the cap and the answer will be provided. I usually use this for nonsensical things like buying a certain outfit, makeup or deciding where to eat.

Babel Rising - Free
I love this game! This always me to play God on the people who wanted to reach the all-seeing eye! I love throwing underbolts on the people, or washing hem away with flood. Bwahahaha!! This is one good destresser for me.

The Sims 3 App - $4.99
I use to play Sims on my computer before but stopped with how it has been eating so much of my time in school. Now, I get to reminisce it with app.

New York Night Gameloft App - $0.99
I use to play this on my Nokia N95 a lot. This is really a fun simulation game since its situated in New York, I get to choose what career I want etc. I love this game sooo much!

Ice Cream Tycoon - Free
Giving ice cream orders and getting them exactly right is a great way to pass the time during those long lines at the cashier. This game has no do-over so my competitiveness is really showing whenever I play this or I have to repeat it from level one. :)

Cooking Mama
Practice those cooking skills and make momma proud. :) Just hold on to your phones as this game caused many phone to ly off their hands.

Tangram - Free

Tangram reminds me of my childhood days. Every puzzle solved is a little victory for me. :)

So, what about you? What's your favorite Iphone applications?

much love,

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  1. I have only three of the apps on your list (Facebook, Twitter and Ice Tycoon). Which means I have more apps to check out! thanks for this

    I may do a blog post like this soon. But you may want to try these:

    Tap Tap Revenge3 (free, the older versions 1 and 2 are not free though) - My favorite iPhone game ever. It's like Guitar Hero on iPhone, and the songs are very updated with the latest hits!

    oOTunes ($4.99) - lets you listen to any radio station around the world, as long as there's wifi. This is so worth it

    Soundhound or Shazam (both free) - apps that figure out the title and artist of a song you heard on the radio

    Doodlejump, Flight Control and Bejeweled - Super addictive games. All are $1.99, I think

  2. Wow, I love that Cooking Mama app too along with the Facebook, Holy Bible and Twitter. Gonna try the Ice cream app and the NY gameloft. I don't get Sims 3, I find it boring. But I also like these too Cooking Dash, Chocolate Frenzy, Sally's Spa, Sally's Salon,Turbo Subs & Bubble Bash.

  3. If ever I'll have an Iphone, it will be loaded with games, LOL... and that means no work done for me. I can get addicted playing games that's why I shy away from Facebook games. =)


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