Haul: Cole Vintage Bag from Crossings Department Store, Shangri-la

Thanks for all the support and encouraging words you posted on my previous posts. Really kept me going. I'm grateful that most of you understood where I was coming from. It was never my intention to ruin anyone's name that's why I didn't include the store and brand handling the event. Again, I really am thankful.

Today was a brand new day. I know I needed to get over what happened so that is what I did. I went to have my driver's license replaced and attend an event. It was a blessing that the event was inside the mall. My friend, G, says that I should refrain from using the bag since its "cursed" bag already. Though I didn't really believe in beliefs like that, I don't want to use that bag for the time being.

Of course, I looked into this situation to get me a new bag (grins). Hehehe! I went to my favorite Filipino fashion brand, Cole Vintage in Crossings Shangri-la Mall, to see if they still have the bag I was lemming for since I saw it.

Marchio with my new Cole Vintage bag.

I've been eyeing this bag for quite a while since I love the shape and how light-weight it was. I carry a lot of things in my bag and even sometimes my slippers and extra cotton dress. This bag fits almost everything I need when going out. It almost looks like a Longchamp bag but it has a sturdier bottom part and very affordable. This bag only cost Php799.00. What a steal, right?

I really hope that this bag will change my luck to a good one.

Love the shiny patent leather and brown is a good neutral color to suit all my clothes.

Sturdy bottom part ensures that the stuff inside are protected a lot better compared to other backs. It has lining inside as well.

This bag can even fit long folders (esp. press kits), bulky cameras and could even double as an overnight bag.

For the price, design and capacity, this bag is truly purchase worth making. :)

much love,

Cole Vintage is available in Crossings Department Stores.

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  1. i love cole vintage too !! :) they have the best and reasonably eileen (the owner) is an acquaintance and she's an absolute peach :))

  2. i love cole ever since. I own two pairs of shoes from them and whenever i go to crossings it always with them i find something to buy and not just coz they are reasonably price but their styles suits me well. :)

  3. *drool* that bag is amazing!

  4. yay for new bag and yay for zipper! :) Can't wait to see this bag in you nga!


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