FOREVER 21 VIP Shopping Party

Here are some photos I was able to take snap of despite the shopping frenzy going on throughout the evening. It was a successful event and the A-listers who graced the event had nothing but nice things to say about the FOREVER 21 and how affordable it is now to look... Forever 21 and fabulous.

I was lucky enough to snag an invite. I don't presume any status by being at the event. My love for fashionable and price-lovable clothing must have radiated across the universe that the person responsible for inviting guests included me. I'm so happy that I was able to snag a few things with my fellow bloggers and saw familiar faces. Although most of us barely chatted because we got lost on how many great find FOREVER 21 has. I'm just elated, still couldn't believe what happened last night as I woke up this morn.

Enough said, here's some of my photos.

Presenting... FOREVER 21 Manila!

Mich Dulce was so gracious to take a pic with me

I love love this part of the store

Lace with Baby Ashton (It's Papa Azrael's birthday and he's having a massage while mommy Lace shopped a bit with Ash)

Kelly Misa (this was the dress I got
and will be wearing for the Preview's Best Dressed event.)

Patty Laurel. Love the shoes.

Stylish Blanche (love her blazer from Beijing)

Tim Yap mistook me for Frenzie Sarte (blushes..) and was nice enough to pose for a shot.

Leira and Sire were among the bloggers who graced the event.

Tim Yap as host for the event

Jane, looking so fresh in her ensemble.

Girlie Go of SM in a Forever 21 dress.

Tim Yap and Joy Mead (in Forever 21)

Love the accessories!

A few hours later, you'll barely see the cashiers from the long lines of people paying for their finds.

It's time for the fashion show:

end of fashion show.. on to more vip pictures.

loving the active wear collection

Donna Cuna-Pita with friend. Fabulous as always. Sigh!

I want this bag? Do you think I should get it?

Pearl (lovely wife of Judah) looking gorgeous in her coral dress.


Raya Mananquil gracious enough to pose for lil ol me.

trying on the uber affordable rayban-inspired sunnies.

Amina and Rosanna looking so glam at the launch

girls of

women of

Frances of Topaz Horizon and OK! Magazine. Looking good in her 33 weeks, noh?

I didn't get this shirt... and now I'm wondering why didn't. This makes me look so payat (thin).

Earth with her loot

Jheng with her loot

Me with my loot

Earth, Jheng and I just before we left the event.

As of this moment, FOREVER 21 Manila is officially open to everyone today July 2, 2010. Hurry up because they are giving away Php200 worth of GC to the first 200 customers for this day only. Be there in a sec. See yah!

much love,

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  1. Hi Shen! We're (the two shopaholics sitting to rest our feet :-p) from Clickthecity ;) Nice to see you again, the last time was at Sujiivana salon, right?


  2. Hi Shen,

    Lucky you! Wow, it seems I'll go crazy when I soon visit the store ^_^ the clothes are indeed lovely and that shirt you just tried on looks so soft...

  3. love the dress that you got Shen! wow sana may F21 din dito sa cebu lol


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