Urban Women: Driving and Skin Care 101

Have you noticed how your left arm that is more exposed to sunlight is a shade tanner than your right arm? How about your hands? Have you noticed how your hands are a bit more wrinkly than what it was when you started driving?

Driving and Skin Cancer

Thanks to google (which enlighten and scares us at the same time), I stumbled on this study that driving is now connected to acquiring skin cancer. It even said that the longer you stay behind the wheel, the more risk you are to skin cancer. This being said to be more prone to men. But are we going to wait until a study shows that women are included as well? I think not.

With the weather that we're having, it's not surprising that you'll see how fast your skin tan even if you're just behind the wheel. Not only do you get an uneven skintone, you're also harming your skin with this continuous sun exposure.

The Body as Sun Exposure Storing System

Did you know that our body is like a piggy bank of sun exposure? A sort of database that records the effect of all our sun-exposing acitvities? It is! It is! From when we are young to our present age! How scary is that especially when we weren't that conscious with protecting our skin, right? The worst part of it is that we will know the extent of the damage when it is too late!

It's just not right.

That is why I exchanged my (no SPF) morning lotion to a more potent (Read: High with SPF) sunscreen lotion for everyday use.

Introducing Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ with Helioplex Broad Spectrum UVA-UVB PA+++. Not only does this protect you from sunburn (UVB) but also from skin-aging (UVA).

Sunscreens are not all equal

The thing about sunscreens is that they are not all created equal. There are some that just protect UVB rays which only prevents our skin from burning but not it does not filter out UVA rays which can cause prolong damages like skin melanomas. Even with those sunscreen protects from UVB and UVA, some does not filter out the long rays of UVA which still penetrated our skin. We may not burn and may still be protected but up to what extent?

Avobenzone is the Solution

Well, don't fret just yet (like I did) because Avobenzone is here to save the day. Avobenzone absorbs long UVA rays that causes longterm skin damages. Now let be me more technical here alright? Avobenzone is not a photo stable. To compound further, when Avobenzone is contuously exposed under the sun, it will lose its efficacy.

HelioplexTM Innovation

HelioplexTM was created to help stabilize Avobenzone so it won't break down easily. What sunscreen with HelioplexTM technology does is that is protects our skin from UVA-induced stress and reduces free radical generation 4x better than our natural skin defenses.

More so, with the High SPF50 and HelioplexTM that the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock have, 95% of UVA and 98% of UVB are filtered out; it also has better photostability to reduce the breaking down of Avobenzone and has advanced cellular protection.

The Dry-touch technology

The best thing is, with Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer has Dry-touch technology using it isn't a trouble for me at all. I use to hate the feel of sunblock on my skin because it's icky and tacky. The feeling of "nanlalagkit" (stickiness) was just unbearable even in air conditioned areas, imagine more if you're under the sweltering heat of the sun? It's so sad, really.

I don't have to sacrifice my comfort in exchange to protecting my skin. Neutrogena has made it is easy for me with their Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ with Helioplex PA+++. It glides on smoothly, dries to a matte finish, leaves no residue and it's waterproof. But I definitely feel it working since I'm not tanning on my left side unlike I use to. With that effect, I'm assured my skin is protected. If only the nozzle of the tube where the product comes out isn't too large, I'd give this product a perfect score.

Sunscreen and the Urban Woman

I'm grateful I found a great sunscreen that address the needs of the urban women, a.k.a "most of us". I love that I don't compromise a lot to protect my skin. Now, driving is a lesser feat than it was before. i could concentrate more on my driving and the things I set out to do. I don't feel limited in the activities that's required of me because I know that I've covered all the bases when it comes to protecting my skin.

I've never been too conscious of the sun's harmful rays before. I had this feeling that my skin can protect itself. Why else would I be born in a tropical country when I'm to keep myself away from the sun, right? Well, I was wrong. No matter what skin color we have, we need to keep our skin protected. And we're lucky that our generation benefits now from the decades of research of coming up with a solution to prevent skin diseases caused by too much sun exposure.

Women now are not just to stay at home, we all have careers and goals to pursue. We are full of activities that takes us anywhere and everywhere. Be it driving or commuting, we need a product that is as active as we all are. Are you going to take a chance on a product that you're unsure of? As for me, na-ah!

How I use it

Driving now is such a breeze, literally. I slather this 15-30 minutes before heading out the door and then re-apply as soon just before I get out of the car. I use half a teaspoon on each arms and just use a few dots for every re-application. I've been negligent with my skin for many years and I'm making up for it.


Below are some photos of swatches I did. You'll see how liquid the consistency of the product is but just thick enough. Just the right consistency for you to be able to apply the equal mount of product among your skin.

See how non-sticky my hand looks? There's not even a trace of the product.

Since Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch Sunblock is paraben free, it's non-comedogenic that it will not clog the pores. One can definitely use this everyday and all over the body without having to worry if your skin will react from it. So far, I use the Ultra Sheer Dry as my body sunscreen everyday.

Now, there's no reason for us to tan nor have our skin exposed to the sun's damaging rays when driving with Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch Sunblock SPF 50+ with HelioplexTM Broad Spectrum UVA-UVB PA+++.

much love,

SRP: Php509.25 (88ml)
Available at all leading department stores, groceries, drugstores and malls nationwide.

*Product provided by official PR for blogging consideration. This is not a paid review/advertisement. The written web log is based on author's personal views and is not influenced by the company of the product.

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