On the Hunt: College Makeup with Paul & Joe

I'm starting out a segment where in I hunt different counters for a specific cosmetic need we women have. The first counter I raided is the Paul and Joe counter at Rustan's Makati in Glorietta 3 to find out what they can offer you women who are just about to enter in college or currently attending one.

It's not so new that girls now start early when it comes to makeup. But with all the makeup brands out there, how do one choose? Well, It's not all that hard. My advise is, do your research and learn what brand compliments your skin and personality. There's also no harm in asking your mom or your big sister for their help.

When I was starting out with my cosmetics, my aunt was my best friend. She recommended me brands that she knows won't aggravate my already pimple-ridden face. She advised me on where to shop, too. Because of her, my makeup when I was in college was of quality. Now, it's my turn to help her out choosing which brand to try.

I hope you'll love what I hunted down for you, young ladies!

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My hunt led me to the Paul & Joe counter. I wanted to know their thoughts on makeup for the younger women. When I thought about college makeup, I thought about Paul and Joe since they really have the daintiest packaging amongst the brands available in the Philippines, very apt for those just starting out their makeup collection. Most of all, what I love about their cosmetics is that it's made from organic ingredients, really great for those who'll be using makeup for the first time. :)

Paul and Joe Philippines Makeup Artist, advised that for those who are just entering college, the best is to keep it simple and flawless. Good face powder like their Paul and Joe Dual Moisturizing Compact that already have SPF 20. The coverage is just enough for an all-day wear to ensure that your skin is smooth and silky. What I like? It's great for all skin type. :)

Of course, if you want your foundation to last a lot longer and your face moisturized, Paul and Joe's Protective Primer with SPF 40 is your best bet. When people ask me how important face primers are, I always ask them about their activities. If you're very active in sports, then keep your face into a bare minimum. But if you wish to be active in the social circle, then appearance is part of the deal. Having a face primer comes in handy for the "no retouch time" moments. If you're aspiring Elle Woods, you can't risk those oils surfacing at the middle of the day, do we?

An eye primer can go a long way in any young girl's vanity kit. Retouching is hard when you have several classes all day long. Paul and Joe Eye Color Primer is just the thing to help ensure your beautiful eye makeup look will last all day. I can't stress enough how important eye primer is for me especially when you want to start early on learning how to do your eyes.

A good blush can make your whole look. I remember how its the most important thing I put on my face back in college. It steers me away from looking dull and bland. Mimics a healthy glow that I don't look like a zombie and in shock of all the work given on the first few weeks of classes. When I laid my eyes on Paul and Joe Face Color in No. 7, I knew it was the best color to start with for young girls. It's just the best shade of pink and a highlighter comes with it.

I couldn't underestimate the power of a lipgloss. For those who's studying in strict exclusive schools knows how sometimes makeups are discouraged. Gloss is a great way to sneak in a little color to our smackers without the professor noticing... and if she ever did, I bet she's likely to ask what shade it was. Gloss when applied right can just level-up your appearance in a tidier look.

Lipstick can sometimes be a no-no so reserve this during the end of the class when you and girls want to enjoy some coffee or window shopping at mall. Parched dry lips can really just be unattractive.

More after school makeups are the eyeliners, mascara, eye shadows and contour powders. I don't recommend using a lot of these products when you're still inside school (unless your course requires you to). It's best to play around with makeup after school or during weekends. Devoting a good amount of time prepping up for school instead of going to school and studying is really not a good way to start out your college experience. Yes, we all want to look good but you still have to know your priorities. I remember a time in school when all I could think about were my non-stop pimple marks, wavy hair, burgeoning belly and thick eyebrows. I wanted to get noticed by guys like my other classmates. I wanted to feel good about myself. In the end, I resigned myself to just concentrate on finishing school... later on I have all the time in the world to play with makeup and buy almost everything I want to try. :) It's really a win-in situation for me and I wish that for you as well.

There's always the best place and time to use makeup.
Don't overdue it. School is not a fashion show nor a beauty pictorial.
Clean and clear face is always a good thing to have.
Enhance your looks.
Don't over-conceal.. our flaws makes us human.
Don't over pluck your brows.
Don't make it a habit re-touching inside the classroom.
Your grades will speak for your worth.

Don't forget the following (makeup-wise):
Oil-blotting paper
Compact Powder
Concealer (if needed)

After school:
Eyeliner (if needed)

Liquid Foundation
Eye Primer
Contour Powder
False Eyelashes (if needed)

College is such an important part of anyone's life. It's a fulfillment of dreams that we have had for so long, a step in achieving our goals. I hope that you all have a wonderful college experience where ever you are. Let your makeups aid you in having the time of your life. :) It did on mine.

Most of all, study hard. :)

much love,

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  1. these are very uplifting words shen! every freshman should live by these.. ^^

    The ViXeN's LaiR

  2. oh i've always loved paul and joe makeup =) a fellow filipina too?

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