Movie: Twilight Saga: Eclipse

First off, I have to admit that I was not a Twilight fan. The only reason that I went to watch the first two movies was because the BF and I are big vampire movie fans. I was not in anyway moved to read the books after the first two movies unlike many people I know.

But with Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie, I am now adding Twilight novels to the list of books before the month of July is done! The movie was AMAZING!!

I haven't enjoyed a movie like this for quite a while this year. I was laughing, I was sighing, I was on the edge of my seat with every fight scenes. LOVE IT!

Twilight newbies (like me!) we're given glimpse of the characters of the film. I love the conflict between the 3 major characters. I adore the love forever, life or death sort of thing between Bella and Edward. I love the take-charge attitude of Jacob.

I love how Edward respected Bella in ways that boys nowadays have a hard time doing. I love that for once, I don't feel like my young cousins are getting too much romance from this story that would cause them to make bad decisions in their lives.

I now understand what Bella is going through. I was in awe with how much a family could be so devoted with each other.

If people think that this movie is just about a lot of kissing (although there was that), and vampires. It's not. I believe that those who read the books can relate to this. Bella is an intense and deep character. Edwards is sublime and enigmatic. Jacob is courageous and soulful. Victoria is as evil but love moves us to do a lot of things. Alice is pure and true as her visions. Rosalie is a woman's embodiment, fierce but soft. Jasper, oh Jasper... how do I put this cute blonde in words? He's masterful... Carlisle (my true crush) is compassionate as his profession.

Beyond words, this film is. I now succumbed to the thrill. I now am a Twihard!

If you haven't watched this, then you're losing a piece of 2010's history!!

Intense factor: 5++
Kilig (giddy) factor: 5++
Can't wait for th next film factor: 5++

If you're a Jacob fan, this is the movie for you!!

much love,

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  1. I'm not a fan of twilight but I watched the movies anyway because of Jacob. hahaha!


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