blair waldorf gossip girl

It's Funny How Fashion Gets Recycled


From the 80's

To 2009

Personally, I love both.

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6 fab comments

  1. so true! :) hi shen! thank you for following my blog, its an honor. :)

  2. pabalik2x lang talaga noh?! the red bow headband looks so cute on her!

  3. how funny, my lola and i were just watching one of sharon's old movies yesterday. She used to be soo tiny huh lol.

    love her bow here :)

  4. Major hahaha this one! Who wouldve thought?:-)

  5. True, but something that's good and works will always work, maybe a bit changed to update it but the essence is the same.

  6. Ya, but Blair does it better haha. Sharonians, don't kill me!!!


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