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Happy Independence Day, Pilipinas!


This is a second time in a row that I did an eye makeup to celebrate the Philippine Independence Day. I figured why not go all out. I got inspired by the Vintas (a sail boat) of Mindanao. As always, I used the colors that can be found in our national flag.

Independence means a lot to my fellow countrymen, having been colonized for hundreds of years, I think we are still getting used to the fact that we are now on our own. I think it is still a struggle for many of us. Especially those who have so little in life. My mother use to say that independence is not just about freedom, it's all about responsibilities. Being independent is a lot of work. Now that she's gone, not being able to provide me the things I need, I know now what she meant. The dreams of being Carrie is New York City is not just about cosmopolitans, dinner at the trendient restaurants and shopping at Neiman Marcus. It's about making a living paying rent, paying utility bills, having to walk home when I run out of money for a cab, feeding myself well, taking care of myself and my environment.... and so much more.

"But!" Mom interjected. "Having what you want and need will have so much meaning than having to get it for free. That is why I'm providing you a quality education, so it will be easier for you to do the hard stuff and be able to enjoy your life.", Mom finished.

Sometimes I wonder with all the problems that my country is having, what's the point of having to celebrate Independence Day? Then I realized, why not? We should always be proud of the day that was the symbol of not being under the thumb of another. When we are finally allowed to make the best decision for our nation. And to give us hope that everyday, our leaders are inspired to do just that, make the best decision for our country.

a miniature Vinta

OCC Indashio Lip Tar

Products used: Kryolan Palette, 120 eyeshadow Palette, beads and sequins from Carolina's in Megamall

Happy Independence Day, Pilipinas!

much love,

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  1. Wow, this is gorgeous! What a way to celebrate independence day. :)

  2. ooh, i love your eyes. It's really beautiful.

  3. Now that's a great way of celebrating our Independence Day :) I love the concept! More power Shen!

  4. Girl
    Next time mag make up session tayong dalawa lol Then pictorial afterwards...

  5. i've always loved avant garde looks. :)

  6. fantastic job on the eyes as always!

  7. wow creative! I love how all th colors are all bold and bright :)

  8. omigosh, ang ganda! did you go out like this? you should've had, shen!!!


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