NYX nyx round listick

Do you know what's inside the bottom of NYX Round Lipstick?


I've always been curious what's at the bottom of my NYX Round Lipstick.
What's that color underneath and it is really lipstick?

My NYX Tea Rose Round Lipstick was the unfortunate guinea pig of this experiment.

Apparently, what's inside is a jelly-like substance that aims to imitate the true color of the lipstick to make it easier on choosing at the store and on your vanity. Like jell-o molded inside the plastic cap.

What it isn't is an extra lipstick.

Let me save you the trouble.

Don't pry it open when your fave NYX Round Lipstick runs out. Just get another tube at your favorite NYX store or online seller. :)

Boy, was I sooo curious!

Happy Monday everyone!!!

much love,

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