Tour Elianto With Me!

I was lucky enough to be amongst the few bloggers to get an invite from Elianto.

I still remember that Elianto was the first palette that I owned wherein I actually had a chance to choose the colors myself... I couldn't afford to fill in MAC palettes before (still can't now), but Elianto was there to sate my appetite for colors and cosmetics.

The last time I was here was Pre-Christmas with my mom. We were with our realtives buying gifts for Christmas. Of course I had to do some stop-over here. During Christmas, season, Elianto have great selections of discounted items. Especially those who are as adventurous as I am with colors.

Matte Berry Lipstick are their latest lipstick collection. :)

It was hard to resist.. I got myself 2 eyeshadows from here. :)

Thank God I was on a limited budget.. I was lemming for these, too!

BB Creams Galore. Best seller of Elianto to date. :) I love it!

Their Highlight Powder is all natural mineral makeup. Very much recommended by their resident makeup artist. :)

I'm very intrgued with their Mineral Makeup Line. They have a Cream Foundation that all Mineral! :) What a unique product!

Their Skin Care Line are totally fuss free. I love that I knew exactly what my skin needed. :)

Gift ideas are always welcome.

Nail art is the rave of the season, the nail polish collection of Elianto is very extensive. Get started with those designs with their affordable nail polishes!

Their makeup station. If you're unsure of a certain product, it always pays to test them first. Asked their abled personnel to make you over with the products you're interested in. :)

These are their premium skin care line. Not as expensive as other skin care brands despite it being organic. Love!!

Cute vanity kits! I hope they are still on sale though...

Olive using products all from Elianto on Earth. :)

Nikki, Sophie and I having the time of our lives choosing what products to hoard.

Earth getting all glammed up!

pretty bloggers posing at the counter

Ready to party, Earth? I love how the BB Cream doesn't give white cast. :)

Manila's Beauty Bloggers at Elianto.

Women of Elianto. :) Aren't they all pretty and flawless?

Jen and Row paying their hauls.. :)

We all had a great time bonding over beauty trends and shopping for Elianto goodies. I highly suggest going makeup shopping with your girlfriends. It truly is a great therapy. :)

I'll be facilitating a contest soon for Elianto. Please watch out for that!

much love,

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  1. Hi Ms. Shen, I haven't been on any Elianto counters yet. But with this post, I might check it out this weekend! =)

  2. i was supposed to but the fiber mascara you had posted before because id like something that doesnt look like you had mascara on but gives you that effect. anyway, i was already at the store and it was on sale but the manufacture day was 2007. Im thinking it might be all clumpy already and i wasnt sure thats why i didnt get it yet.

  3. HI!:) I'd like to ask where the Elianto store is.:) I'd like to do my make-up purchases there. Thank you very much!:) Will wait for reply <3 :))


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