Fab, Fresh and Fun Summer Picnic with Maybelline, Garnier and Matrix

The hot Thursday afternoon was lulled by one fabulous event from Garnier, Maybelline and Matrix. It was a day that is full of surprises for us who was lucky enough to sneak in half day of R&R. Too bad a lot couldn't join us due to work.

First on the agenda is a facial from Garnier. They have recently launched one of the best lightening and mattifying product to be seen in the market, called Light Complete.

With Arlene Amante

With Major of Garnier

Beautiful scenery from The Grove by Rockwell gave a tranquil feel to my facial.

Garnier everywhere.. I love!


Next stop was to get my hair some treatment with Matrix's newest hair treatment, Sensoria Care. Just what my colored and rebonded hair needs.
From the shampoo to the cream bath to the Anti-hair loss tonic, my locks was treated to the ultimate rejuvenation.
And the fact that this won't break the bank as it is said to be one of the most affordable hair treatment available now, is just the sweetest deal of all.

With Ytwo of Matrix

this was the view that had me relaxing all the more.

After a sensational hair experience. Nail Spa was there to my nails a well-deserved manicure and pedicure. As always, Nail Spa delivers excellent service. This is one of my most favorite nail grooming salon in the city. I specially love their services in Shangri-la, no matter how full their books get.. they managed to out me on the list numerous times.

Beautiful people from the publishing media. Apple is the lady on the right most side, she's from Metro and this is the second time I've been with her in an event. She's so nice. :)

Model/Columnist Isabel Roces was enjoying her pedicure. Love her..
I do hope I can be a vegetarian like her but I don't eat veggies.. sniff!

Marbee and I getting out nails done. :)


Lastly, the makeover by Maybelline from its wonderful and very talented artists.

Maybelline wanted us to experience the recent products that they have launched and are already available in the market. Surprisingly, I have almost everything in my stash... that's how much I love Maybelline.

Here is Jim Ross with Zo Aguila, EIC for Cosmopolitan Philippines

Harold was suppose to do my makeover but someone's always sitting on his chair. :)

Archie Tolentino (his work is on Chalk magazine May issue is so flawless!), did my makeup last year.

Guess who did my makeup??

It was Jim Ryan Ros!

Jim made sure I had vavavooom lashes. He use Magnum Volum'Express Mascara on me!

The result of the whole day pampering and making e look Fab, Fresh, and Fun...

Tada!!! (the lae was just a nice to touch to everything)

Photo Op with Jim Ryan Ros! :)

Jim also did Nikki makeup for the second time in a row!

Nikki, who looks like getting married for her wedding.. hehehe! Second wedding, Nikki, Keith?

Jim also did Elaine of OK! Magazine. :)
Frances was present but she was getting her hair done at this moment.

There was the Photo Op at the Wall but we'll show you that next time.

Jim's wonderful works of art.
Nikki has a way of making an event really fun just by being beside her. I'm glad I always see her on events. She's the best!

Nikki wanted to get ice cream before we left. Magnolia sure has the best ice cream flavors in the country. :)

Swizzle Bar made cute rainbow shots to represent each brand.
Yellow for Garnier
Blue for Maybelline
Red for Matrix

Cool huh!

Ytwo and Arlene looking so fresh!

Carmela, Ytwo, Arlene, Trisha and Michelle
The fabulous ladies of Matrix, Maybelline and Garnier.
Sorry I don't have the photos of Barbie, Chris and Major and all the interns.
All of these people was the reason I had such relaxing afternoon.

Meet Marbee. She's a writer for Sense&Style. Seeing and meeting her made me miss S&S so bad... sniff!

We saw Camille of My Little Beauty Bag! :)

Nikki and I, working it out on my cam.
Thanks to Papa Keith!

I really really really hope this is going to be a yearly event. :) Hihihihi!
Thanks to everyone from Maybelline, Garnier and Matrix.
I truly truly had a fun fun day!

much love,

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  1. awww! so envious! i wish i could also attend events like that!!! *^__^*

  2. awww i wish events like this happen here in the south too.. *sniff

    envious from The ViXeN's LaiR

  3. aaww, just wondering what you mean by "The hot Thursday afternoon was DULLED by one fabulous event from Garnier, Maybelline and Matrix."

  4. @angel, i really wish they could like a blogger party. :)

    @vixen, better move up north na!!

    @maki, i meant lulled. thanks for seeing that error. :) lol! doh!

  5. Wow, seems like the perfect day of pampering and luxury. The lipstick he used on you is so fab, would you mind telling me what color it was?

  6. You always go to the most glam events! How fabulous!


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