Soft Look Collection, a Johnson and Johnson and Bayo Fashion Event

I'm still reeling from the event that took place yesterday. Bloggers from different niche and I attended Soft Look Collection of Johnson and Johnson Body Care and Bayo at Encore Club in The Fort, Global City.

I've been an avid user of Johnson and Johnson Body Care for nearly a year now. I still remember the first time they launched the J&J Body Care, it was event to remember for me, Nikki and Phoebe. Too bad though that this year, Phoebe was not able to attend. We miss her all too much!

With the success of last year's launch and how well-received J&J Body Care is in the market, it was not surprising that this year's event become as memorable.

The Bayo Soft Look Collection was amazing. To see the wonderful soft couture-like fashion, grab the latest Preview magazine (Maja Salvador on the cover).


Via Abano and Mary Grace Magcamit
Beautiful Women behind this collection

Jill and Tessa of Kikay Exchange

Maui, Tara and Dang

Jane, Nikki and husband, Keith

Earth, Jen and Lace (oure resident lifestyle bloggers)

Jane's Marc Jacobs clutch (a gift from her wonderful mother)
isn't it fancy?

Frances of OK! Magazine, Topaz Horizon, Topaz Mommy and Beauty for a Living
This is one busy woman and yet she was still ever so nice to pose for a lot of our cameras and she's pregnant! Di halata noh?

Tessa's beautiful ink!! I was just floored by the beautiful design!

First attire to walk out of the runway
ang cute noh?

beautiful Nikki of

Jheng of

my uber uber fab ring (this is 3 years old already!)

Jamie, Jheng, Jane and Nikki
Beautiful ladies attended the event

Jane and Frances
my two favorite magazine editors and writers

Jheng and Jamie
My sisters from a different mother (Jheng's mom, Jamie?)

Jheng, pretty in pink and black halter dress

vanity shot!

Frances with Tara and Dang

Jane and me
(Jane was Ron's blockmate in college. I agree with her, small world!)

Wall picture-picture time!!

As if we'll settle for one shot! One two (actually, it was like 10 more shots)

Dang and Nikki with Annie of Strategic Edge (Annie is one busy bee!)

Whole body-1X1, please!!

my attire for the evening:
Dress from Suey
Shoes from a boutique in Eastwood Mall
second hand LV pochet bag
Necklace from Accessories
Bracelet from divisoria
Earrings from Accessories
Watch from Kenneth Cole

I told you don't settle for just one shot!

Women of OK! and Cosmopolitan (the 2 magazines I longed to work for!!)

Nikki and Keith
Sweetest couple ever. This two is something, I tell yah!

The secret for amazing skin is simple, keep it soft and supple.
And its so easy to achieve it with Johnson and Johnson Body Care now with Dual Moisture Bond.
With soft skin, its easier to strut your style in all of the Bayo's Soft Look Collection.

I still have more events to post. Please don't tire of it!

much love,

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  1. natawa naman ako sa jheng is your sister from another mother, and jamie is that mother:p

  2. Aw I wasn't able to say hi to Tessa and Jill! :( Hopefully next time :)

  3. You look cute as ever Shen! Looks like so much fun I'm jealous~

  4. I had sooo much fun with you, gorgeous & fun girls! I can't wait to see you & have dinner and laughs again next time. Hugs! =)

  5. thank you sa special mention, shen! kahit nakatalikod ako, naturally :) now i will understand if people say mas maganda ako nakatalikod ;)

  6. Hi Shen! It was so nice to meet you and the other fab bloggers! :)

  7. I arrived at 8:30 tapos na! :( Sayang didn't get to meet you guys! :(


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