Neutrogena's Healthy Summer Skin for Beauty Bloggers (and one Pop Blogger)

Remember this post?

Five thirty in the morning, I was already up and about getting ready for a day of fun with other beauty bloggers. The place was Anvaya Cove, a exclusive beach resort in Bataan. The trip was long and bumpy but great friends and careful driver compensated for it.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the friendly staff. We were directed to a gathering of table where a sumptuous lasagna was served. We enjoyed a glass of the ice tea and whatever drinks the rest of us chose. The view itself from that located was serene. Already, the sea was beckoning. I now understand why such place is exclusive, there was a sense of calm in the whole surrounding.

After our brunch, we were directed to the conference room. A game was then facilitated. Our team won! Yey!

After certain introduction, Mr. Taffy Ledesma proceeded to talk about certain subject on Neautrogena and how he saw bloggers as great medium to provide information that could benefit people. He, a photographer, looks into blogs to know the honest details on cameras he contemplates on buying. Its really nice when people voice out how they appreciate what we do.. and with that, we are really grateful.

Mr. Taffy Ledesma, talks about the how blogs benefit a lot of people.
(this one isn't taken, I was told.. any takers? Peace, Sir Taffy!!)
He enjoys photography and he works in the beauty industry.. really what else can you ask for??

Ms. Monica, our gracious host for the day. Thank you for inviting us!!

Dra. Loverne Suratos (we fondly call her, Doc), Chairman, Public Relations and External Affairs Committee of Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS) talked about the PDS Skin Safety Campaign. This is to promote public safety on skin health through information dissemination and consultation with competent and certified PDS dermatologist.

What I got from the whole talk, sums up to these few points: Consult only an expert, PDS certified dermatologist. There is nothing wrong with having facials from aestheticians or facialist but we should make a conscious effort to let only PDS certified Dermatologist treat our skin problems., especially on invasive treatments like pricking and wart removals. Our skin encompasses majority of our body, its only right we take care of it properly.

Its funny how I think I put a lot of products on my face when in truth other countries best us when it comes to products they use day and night. From countries who only use a facial soap as their skin care regimen to countries with women who uses up to 1o products day and night. And I thought my 7 products a night was too much.

One of the skin care product that is now widely use is sunscreen. Unfortunately though, not many of us here in our country are aware of the the benefit of using sunscreen.

Ever since I started to go to a dermatologist, one thing was constant in their advice and that is to use sunblock everyday. It really is one of the most effective ways to protect the skin from sun damage. Although we may want to sport the tanned look once in awhile, our skin isn't that resilient to the long-term damage prolonged sun exposure causes.

Mr. Gabriel Roxas. He's married, ladies!!
Haiii... all good mean are either married or.. well, our girlfriends! lol!

That's why products like Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50 PA+++ and the Ultra Sheer Complete Neutrogena UV Waterlight Lotion SPF 50+ PA+++ comes in handy.

"Other sunblocks also contain UVA protection, but they eventually break down after contast sun exposure. The patented Helioplex technology found only in Neutrogena provides long-lasting UVA protection that won't break down easily," explained Gabriel Roxas, Neautrogena brand manager.

With Neutrogena Utra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50 PA+++ for the body, I notice how easily it glides on to my skin without any sticky-icky feel, it dries faster and feels a lot silkier. With the Ultra Sheer Completer UV Waterlight Lotion SPF 50+ PA+++, I can attest how light and fluid this one is that it won't cause you to feel uncomfortable. I've been using mine for months now and I'm on to my second bottle.

My new summer arsenal.
don't go out without these!

In between talks, we enjoyed a sumptuous meal courtesy of Pawikan Restaurant. Oh boy, were we well-fed during this event. I think we ate 4 times for the duration of the day. Then we even have baon for our trip back to Manila. We were spoiled, I tell yah. :)

eating time!!

Jheng, with her signature pose! :)

Of course, the event organizer and Neautrogena made sure we were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Anvaya.

Azrael deserves the first spot here because he being the only guy on our group, he was ever so obliging on taking loads of our pictures. If not for him, we (the beauty bloggers) won't have a group shot. :) Thank you Azrael!!

Berry Unik drink courtesy of the Anvaya Cove Resort Bar. Not the best of cocktails but definitely thirst-quenching!

chikka time with the girls.

Bendita, is that you. Oh, its Earth!! :)

Yeah, it really is Earth!! I wish I was able to enjoy the pool just like she did.. sigh!
My kaartehan got the best of me..

I'm so fond of these two mommy/lifestyle bloggers.
Rowena was the one who encouraged me to join Sense&Style magazine.
Jen really inspired me with her faith and devotion.

True blue friends, having beauty as a common denominator... It didn't take a long while for us to know that all of us are sisters from different mothers. I get along pretty well with a lot of people but these was a group I could always count on and rest assured, they can count on me, too!

Are you ready for a swim?? Ako, papacute lang!

Beauty blogging addicts!! :)

It was time to bid adieu..

The drive back was so much fun since we all had a laugh with each others' stories. :) But the time and lessons we learned through the talks from the event will be forever instilled in us.

I know that you've been bombarded by commercials, ads, billboards and even scientific studies with how the sun can damage your skin. This is really a serious matter, not only to our skin bun from it but we may likely acquire diseases from too much sun exposure. Summer or what ever season there is, vacation or just going to work, working out or just staying in front of the computer... please don't neglect your sunscreen.

I can't stress it enough, guys... There is no time like today to care for your skin.

And if you feel have troubling skin problems, go to a PDS certified Dermatologist to care for your skin. Don't leave your body in the hands of you don't trust. Always look for the PDS logo in all dermatologist clinic.

Til next vacation!!

much love,

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  1. I love Neutrogena as well :) My staple in my skincare! Sossy ng event sis ah Anvaya Cove pa :)

  2. looks like so much fun! all of you look lovely and fresh!

  3. Hi Shen,

    I've been thinking of using sunblock because I feel that the scorching heat of the sun nowadays is something to be taken seriously, but I do not know which brand to use. I'm a thrifty person but when it comes to beauty products, I don't settle for less.

    Thank you for giving me an idea about Neutrogena sunscreen with SPF 50. I promise to try this one. I'll blog about it once I'm done purchasing it.

    Thanks again.

    Stay happy and beautiful:)

  4. You had so much fun with the girls, and a guy (Azrael!), thanks for sharing the tips, just got my Neutrogena sunblock since I've been hearing raves about it. Hugs, Shen! =)

  5. hi.. :)

    among d 2, which can be used sa face with make-up?



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