If I had all the money in the world....

I'll make sure to spend a part of it here Jewelmer...

Evident in my other posts, I think you've guessed by now that I love accessories.. But like every woman, expensive jewelries are definitely weakness. I collect them whenever I could.

When I was very young, my mom collected several jewelries. But since we needed money, she sacrificed them off by pawning and selling them during hard times. Jewelries are really great investments.

Now, I make it to a point to buy jewelries that are made of quality and came from a reputable seller. Jewelries are great investments and I sincerely advise that you also do the same. Buying these sort of things not only mark a certain occasion in my life but I know that in times of need, I can count on those beautiful trinkets to help me out.

When I received an invitation to the grand opening of Jewelmer at Marquee Mall, I couldn't help but say yes. I also can't resist not to take a personal look at the golden pearl collection. You know how addicted I am with gold, right? Much more with pearls. I favor them in white but upon gazing on these gold orbs, I was floored.

The trip from Manila to Pampanga was worth it when I get to see the newest Printemps Collection worn by Manila's finest models such as Isabel Roces and Bianca Valero. The event host in itself exuded the elegance that Jewelmer embodies, Suzie Andrada and Atty. Gabby Concepcion. Both beautiful and empowered women whose personalities outshined the pearls. Piolo Pascual, male actor, is also present since he is Jewelmer's Male Pearl Ambassador. Now men can enjoy this fine piece of jewelry, known only to be worn by women.

Pearls reminds me of when my mom first gave me a pair of South Sea Pearls, my friend use to boast that I was "Marina" since it was really big and flamboyant. The blush of the pearls just enticed me to wear them everyday. Pearls held my fascination that I am instantly drawn to accessories that has pearls in it. I just think its more elegant. And though I have the same love for diamonds and other precious gems, I am still awed by pearls because of how they are made. How could such perfect orb come out of a living creature?

Can you imagine the pearls being a cover of something that the oyster considers an irritant? Imagine yourself being able to envelop a dust so that it won't cause you an allergy? It would not look good as it would look like a ball of skin. But with pearls, since oyster surround such irritant with same way they create their shells... a pearl becomes the result of it. How could such a way of protecting one's self create something so beautiful and so rare? A gold one at that.

The Golden Pearl is my latest favorite color of pearl. Gold has been known to set off the skin tone of our beautiful tanned brown skin. We just glow with any kind of golden jewelry. Imagine a necklace of golden pearls wrapped gently around our delicate necks?

Oh how I wish I followed my mom and studied much harder in school... maybe now I could afford a set of these beautiful Jewelmer Golden Pearls.

All I can do now is hope that I could afford them by the time I'm forty or that they would lend me a set for when I get married in the church. Hihihi!

Suzie Andrada, a great mom and sports buff, hosted the event.

Along with Atty. Gabby Concepcion, who clearly knows her jewelries.
I dream of becoming like her when I get to be a lawyer (whenever that is)>

I wish I had every necklace they were wearing.
(law of attraction. hehehe!)

I loved every pieces of the Printemps Collections. I think they have me in mind when they created each necklaces. (feeling!)

The fashion show started. Gowns were created by Rhett Eala. Lovely!

The event included the launch of Jewelmer's website, created by the team of Yehey!
Please visit them at Jewelmer.com.
You'll see there the wonderful pieces of the Printemps Collection.

People are piling up outside Jewelmer Marquee Mall to get a glimpe of the hot male actor, Piolo Pascual. There was nearly a pandemonium. The Bodyguards was getting annoyed, I could tell.

Piolo Pascual with Suzie Andrada

Thanks to Kankan Ramos and the rest of Yehey for inviting me!

Jen of Kikaycorner,net won the raffle and we got to take home limited pearl pendants from Jewelmer. It was really a lucky day for me.

Gail with Jacques

Gail again with the dashing Piolo Pascual

Hannah, Michelle, Jen and I.
The four lucky blogger who were able to attend the event.
I wish Sophie was able to go. :(

Great Filipino cuisine with a bit of twist was served during the event.
Yum! Yum! Yum!

The day was really a great one. The ride back was very enthusiastic. I was happy to spend the day with bloggers along with Carla and Paolo of Yehey. We were definitely a happy bunch. :) I do hope that this event is just the beginning and that there would be more opportunities for us to get together.

To great friends and fine pieces of jewelry!

much love,

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  1. LAVET! Congrats for winning the raffle! See? swerte ka na this year talaga ng bonggang bongga!!!!

  2. Shameless plug: if you're planning to get more SSP, ping me! We're in the jewelry biz remember? We can find you the best South Sea Pearls and encrust them in stones as you wish.

    Friendly discount applicable of course :)

  3. hi shen.. it was nice meeting mrsmartinez' fellow bloggers.. i had soo much fun.. thanks again.. hope to see you soon... :)

  4. By d way, congratulations for winning that nice pendant.. inggit kami super!! hahah :) its been a pleasure meeting u guys! :)


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