Clean and Bright Summer Beauty Look (with step by step tutorial)

Achieving this look is really simple. :)

1. Apply your favorite liquid foundation. (Clinique Superfit Foundation in Super Neutral)
2. Set your foundation with your favorite face powder or powder foundation. (Pureglow Mineral Foundation in Java Shake)
3. Apply a dab of concealer under the eyes to erase untoward darkening around it. (Skinfood Salmon Concealer)
4. Swipe your favorite blush pink toned blush (Pureglow Mineral Blush in Hot Pinch)
5. Contour cheeks to give your face that natural summer glow. (MAC Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden)

Eyebrows is a key element of this look since the colors used are bright. You don't want your brows to disappear or it will appear ashy or washed.

I used my forever reliable Modelco Eyebrowz Designer Brow Kit in Medium.

The eye makeup:
I used Alice in Wonderland Urban Decay Palette.

1. Apply your eye shadow primer to ensure that this bright look will stay put for the rest of the day. (Urban Decay Primer Potion)
2. Apply Alice eyeshadow all over your inner lid with a flat shader brush.
3. Swipe Absolem eyeshadow on to the crease with a fluffy blending brush in wiper motion.
4. Apply Sellout eyeshadow (from UDBOS II) as highlight with a big shader brush.

6. Apply Underland eyeshadow beneath your lower lids.
7. Line upper lash line with a gel liner or liquid eyeliner. (Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner)
8. Apply Mascara as usual. (HG Blinc Mascara)
9. Line lower lashline with white eye pencil. (MAC Fascinating Eye Khol)

10. Apply a pink lipstick with purple undertone to match cheeks and eyeshadows. (BYX Round Lipstick in Paris)

Hope you guys learned something. :)
Feel free to share your experiences about it here or if you questions, just post comment here.

Happy Monday!!!

Ron and I are celebrating our monthsary today.
We are in our 4th year and 9th month.. it feels a lot longer for me.
I'm really happy to have found someone who loves me for my craziness. Lol.

much love,

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  1. Happy Monthsary to you and Ron!!!! :) It was great seeing you "last getaway" and I love this tutorial, the blue shadow is soooo pretty on photos and it goes well with pink lips!!! LAVET!!!!

  2. awwww so cute and bright and lovely!!

  3. very pretty look Shen, really perfect for summer!

  4. so pretty I love it, hehe.. me just lazy to make up.


  5. Happy anniversary! Thanks for the tutorial, great look! SO lovely :)

  6. So pretty! Happy Monthsary to you and your honey pie. :D

  7. love the brightness of this look! very fun pops of colors :)

  8. Lovely, bright FOTD. Thanks for the tutorial, it's really good!

  9. Wowee that looks so nice and fresh. :D I'll try that look sometime. Congrats! 4 years and 9 months, that's lovely =)

  10. I love this look, it's so bright and pretty! Thanks for the tutorial.


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