Spring Trend Makeup, The Body Shop way

The Body Shop's newest makeup this spring is something I'm definitely keep using in my stash whether it be spring, summer, fall or winter.

It is time to embrace the beauty of spring. Revel in the new season’s style. Celebrate the fresh hues of nature. The Body Shop leads the way with the launch of the Nature’s Colour Collection, a gently contrasting range of hazy spring shades with soft, muted textures and innovative formats, including the new and unique Limited Edition Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush.

This Spring, make sure your eyes are sparkling with a wash of vibrant blues and greens, your lips are soft and shiny, anointed with an ethereal whisper of peaches and pinks and cheeks are a gorgeous shade of scintillating raspberry and coral. It is the season to look naturally gorgeous.

Latest Make-up For Spring
Spring’s fresh, ultra-feminine look takes inspiration from nature blossoming in the city. As the Spring sunshine warms the earth’s natural colourings, soft pastel shades with iridescent highlights transform into contemporary brights. Sweep on the pretty petal hues and warm, vibrant tints of the new Spring Collection to create a new fashion-forward look that is innocently alluring.

With fabulous natural ingredients, products in the Collection benefit from skin-caring Community Trade marula oil, a highly effective moisturizing ingredient that helps to condition the skin over time. The oil is asourced from the Eudafano Women’s Cooperative in Northern Namibia where trade means The Body Shop can access this moisturising oil, while 5,000 women in rural communities are empowered with the rare opportunity of regular work and income.

Shimmer Cubes (Php 1,195.00)

Illuminate eyes with a stunning burst of iridescent colour. The Spring Trend Limit ed Editi on Shimmer Cubes are four luminous eye powders in a sparkling palette of Sparkly Sky, Hushed Orchid, Sea Shell and Emerald Sea. Perfect for turning daytime make-up into a stunning party look, these shimmering shades bring a vibrant intensity to the season’s style. Furthermore, to help care for the delicate skin around the eyes, the moisturising Shimmer Cubes contain moisturising Community Trade marula oil.

Chase Aston says:
“These fabulous Pop-tastic shades are my favourite Shimmer Cubes ever! Wear shades alone, or smudged together, creating seamless, contrasting hues on the eye-lids.Use with The Body Shop® metallic Eye Definers for a modern twist on the smoky eye, layer shades for an individual and unique eye-look.These four fantastic, easy-to-wear shimmering shades can be applied dry for sheer hints of colour. Or apply with a moist Brush, for a more intense
wash of colour”.

The Shimmer Cubes is definitely a must-buy for those who loves the intensity of a pigment but without the mess. Highly-pigmented blocks of eyeshadows that will certainly give you the truest of its color. Intensity still not enough, spritz water on the other sid of the container and dab your brush in it. Get a lot more from this eyeshadow using the foiling method. :)

Lip & Cheek Stain (Php 795.00)

A truly versatile product, Lip & Cheek Stain has a cult following – and here is your chance to discover a new shade to give your cheeks and lips a healthy-looking glow. Use alone for fresh-faced allure or underneath the Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush or Hi-Shine Lip Treatment to intensify the look. Presented in a sleek bottle with easy-to-use sponge applicator, the product features Community Trade aloe vera, and restores moisture, smoothness and suppleness to skin. Available in 01 Rose Pink and the new LIMITED EDITION 03 Shimmering Coral, Lip & Cheek Stain is a make-up must-have for the new season.

Chase Aston, make-up artist says:
“Easy to apply, sweep over a nude lip, wearing alone for a sheer flush of colour, or re-apply to intensify the hue. Worn on cheeks, layer with Kiss of Colour, to shape, shade, contour and highlight the cheekbones.”

I clearly don't need to say much about the Lip and Cheek Stain since this is definitely the best-selling product of The Body Shop. We all know the pop of color this magic wand gives for those days we... well, don't have color. :)

Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush (Php 1,395.00)

Give cheeks a radiant, rosy tint of colour in an instant thanks to the innovative blush stamp, easily portable for make-up application ‘on the go’. The sponge applicator is coated in the pressed powder so it can be applied lightly to the cheeks for a fresh-faced glow. Cheeks look like they have been gently pinched by Mother Nature. Available in two delectable shades – Limited Edition 01 Vibrant Rose and 02 Golden Coral - the blush is stylishly presented in a fresh white pack with a handy mirror for making-up on the move. To help care for skin, the Cheek Blush features moisturising Community Trade sesame seed oil and Community Trade Brazil nut oil.

Make-up expert Chase Aston, says:
““Softly smile, then press Kiss of Colour onto the apples of your cheeks. Next, using either your finger or a blusher brush, blend up and along your cheekbones. These fantastic shades can be worn alone, or layered over The Body Shop® Lip & Cheek Stain to intensify the shade.”

If you're lazy (like me!!), then this stamp-on blush is more you. All you ahve to do it stamp it on your apples of the cheek and you're done (oopps.. blend just a tad). :) I love this. I've been using this for days now and I simply love the ease of use and scent!

Hi-Shine Lip Treatment (Php 595.00)

Hi-Shine Lip Treatment delivers a wash of pretty glossy colour to lips with precision and ease. The high shine, skin-conditioning formula with Community Trade marula oil leaves lips looking irresistibly luscious. And the squeezable tube with rounded chiselled applicator means it is quick and simple to apply – perfect for girls in a hurry. Pucker up with two delicious, luminous shades - 06 Party Pink and Limited Edition 17 Golden Coral – for a sensational spring look.

Make-up maestro Chase Aston says these are:
“Two fabulous, super glossy, ultra moisturising, must-have lip shades for spring. Fresh and flirty, easy to wear shades that can be worn alone for a sheer hint of a tint, layered over Lip & Cheek Stain and Colourglide™ Lip Colour.”

Although this is a bit too sticky for my liking, I can't deny that shine that it provides my puckers to complete that fabulous spring look. I got the nude color which enhances the natural color of my lips. Its highly moisturizing that I didn't get chapped lips for days now. :)

Love Gloss (Php650.00)

Still in stores are the Love Gloss and the Love Etc. line! :)

The Spring Makeup Collection is available now at your favorite The Body Shop stores.

Teeyah, Earth, Jaimie, Phoebe
Nikki and I.

I can't resist not leaving you with this photo. Pinay bloggers at The Body Shop Event, playing with the Spring Makeup Collection. This has got to be one of the best event I've attended because all my sweet girls are there.

much love,

P.S. Jheng got to join us afterward for drinks at Chili's (where else!) Her work hindered her from attending the event. We forgot to take a few snaps because we were all busy yapping our traps away with much needed stories to disclose.

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  1. I got to use this for my fab cuz last sunday and I may say the teal one is beautiful when foiled. but it is just chalky (for me) even with udpp. and the other cubes were so so. The peach ones would surely suit an nc20-nc15 st.. and it will look great as an all over peach tone! thanks for posting this new products shen! glad u girls had fun!

  2. i love the makeup on the model!

  3. You all look absolutely gorgeous!!


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