Start them young (Digital art and photography Classes for kiddos... and grown-ups, too!)

Oh the things kids have nowadays. :)

I got sent this information that I think many of us (yes, even if we're grown-ups na!) can benefit from. It's not too late to follow that dream or better yet, if you're a tita or a mom reading this blog, why not affor your lovely nieces and nephews and children a chance to pursue theirs at a young age. After all, its better to start them young. And its summer already, keep their minds busy by letting them do some fun and learning at the same time. Personally, its still a few hours that I get away from babysitting. Hehehe!

There is particularly one class though that sparked this author's interest. The D.I.Y. Photography which includes learning basic photgraphy concentrating on basic digital photography and photo retouching.

First Academy of Computer Arts now has a series of classes specifically targeting the youth's love for cartoons, Japanese manga, computer and illustrations. If your kid is showing signs of love and skill for drawing, why not nurture it while they still have time (unlike us! lol!)

When I was young, my mom noticed that I would always write anything on paper. I pretty much have wild imagination and I kept on writing and writing short stories. She nurtured this by providing me with books on writing and those fiction books that will spark my imagination more. Every summer she would give me tons of books to read and time came that I became a writer and editor for my school paper. I consider this the major reason why I'm a blogger right now still writing my way around everything. But if i become a mom, I would definitely enroll my kid in summer classes. It's something I never experienced and I hope I can provide him or her that in the future.

Here are the classes available if you're interested:

This 44 hour workshop is a mini-version of the Digital arts program. Students will learn the fundamental aspects of Digital arts and basic Photoshop drawing. Enrollees must be at least 8 years old or has computer proficiency and interest in drawing. This workshop costs PhP 6,146.00.

In this 62 hour workshop, students will be able to develop and create their own personal Manga style comic strips using various animated and graphic art applications. Enrollees must be at least 11 years old or has computer proficiency and interest in drawing. This workshop costs PhP 12,300.00

This 32 hour workshop will enable students to learn the basic elements of 3D and learn some of Maya’s basic features such as texturing and camera usage. Enrollees must be at least 11 years old or has computer proficiency and must have a good command of the mouse. This workshop costs PhP 7,740.00.

This 20 hour workshop will enable students to learn the art of Japanese drawing. Students will be able to conceptualize, create, present and submit their own comics from cover to pages including characters, background setting and layout. Enrollees must be at least 8 years old or interested to draw. Workshop fee is PhP 3,750.00.

This 16 hour workshop will enable students to understand the basic concepts of digital photographyEnrollees must be at least 13 years old or has computer proficiency and an interest in photography, and must have a digital camera. This course costs PhP 5,600.00.

Learn basic photography & do-it-yourself photography.

In this 16 hour course, will understand basic digital photography concepts, terms and applications in real life, be familiar with basic equipment needed for digital photography, learn principles of photography, be able to shoot different subjects, and learn basic image editing and manipulation techniques to improve digital photographs using Photoshop. Students must be computer proficient, have high interest in photography and must have a digital camera. This course costs PhP 6,920.00.

Part 2: PHOTO RETOUCHING (Glamour-style)
Students will earn how to edit and retouch photographs for glamour-type designs in this 20 hour course. They Enrollees must be proficient in using the computer and the internet and must have high interest in photography, graphic design and digital arts. This course costs PhP 8,990.00

Students will learn to create their own photo shoot set- up using readily available equipment and materials in this 24 hour course. Enrollees must at least taken the Basic Digital Photography course or has basic photography and Photoshop knowledge, and has a DSLR (but not required). This course costs PhP 9,800.00

Here are merely a few sample works of their students. Isn't cool?

Sample pictures on classes. :)

For more information, Please contact Ms. Ciel Luy, First Academy of the Arts’ Marketing Manager at , or call 898-2724 to 26, or visit the school at 2F Saville Building, 8728 Paseo de Roxas corner Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City. Visit their website at

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