Jet Set in Style with Esembles Summer Collection + Behind the Scene Shoot with Carmina V. Legaspi

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First off, lemme just say that I am such a huge fan of Carmina. Seeing the pictures of her Esembles shoot just warms my heart. To think that she's a few years older than me and yet I feel like I grew up with her. Ever since I was young, I have been watching her films, from movies to betamax to cable television.. anything with Carmina on it, I watch. She's just everything I wanted to be, successful yet focused on her family; Strong yet feminine; slim but not too skinny. :) I was just telling R on how blessed she is with her many endorsements after Ondoy and many of those endorsements she shares with her family. What a way to be near your children and enjoy work at the same time.

Ensembles couldn't have picked a better endorser/model for their brand.

Again, Carmina graces the newest collection of Ensembles. And I couldn't be more excited about it!

It’s the time of year again when all we think about is packing our bags and heading to warm weather summer destinations. ENSEMBLES Summer Collection fulfills your vacation fantasy with its sleek sophistication and comfort. The collection features light textured fabrics with matching summer bathing suits. Highlighted in this collection are beautifully cut dresses, bathing suits and cover-ups perfect to make statement in any vacation destination.

Below photos are fabulous behind the scene photos of Ensembles' Summer Collection shoot with Carmina.

I love the Safari -inspired look of this outfit.

Isn't she just cute?

The team.

Personally, I love this collection. I gravitate to plains and muted natural colors thatAlign Left this collection seems to have me in mind.

Definitely, this collection isn't just for summer alone.

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