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There is a certain article in the cyberworld that is causing an outrage to many beauty bloggers. The primary question in that post is whether blogging is the new media. Media, is the plural of medium (thank you This word is commonly used in tv, radio, newspaper and magazine that reach a great number of people.

If one would apply that to a blog, what do great number of people mean? I suspect it's more than a thousand, a certain number of population or a general number of cities. This also depends on the demographic that media is targeting so it could lessen that great number as well. So let's get back to just thousands of people. Does this mean that for a blog to became a part of the media, he or she must have a good number of followers or hits?

There is the content issue that these people are ranting about. Have you seen tabloids? Don't you think they are a bunch of crap writing articles about people that aren't true? But why do an insane number of people buy them? And some even die because of it? Because its entertaining. Period.

The things is, blogging is seen as a new form of media. Information are disseminated faster to a large quantity of readers and there is little to no amount of financing needed. Also, communications are faster when it comes to blogging. Answering inquiries in speed of light compared to dialing a number that is always busy or an email to be answered in the next issue. Blogging provides a close connection with its followers and I believe that this will only grow stronger in the coming years. Don't be surprise to see a set of tables and chairs devoted to bloggers only during events. But I don't think it will dominate the media we were accustomed to. There is still much to be said about holding a good copy of Cosmopolitan, watching TMZ and reading Manila Bulletin.

A blog is a tiny tiny space in the cyber world where one can write ANYTHING about ANYTHING. There is little set rules in this world and you can't expect everyone to regulate what they write. Just be thankful that some does. And the fact that that blog became popular because of how they diss other brands and rave overly too much on the perks they get isn't your problem. They can't help it if they get invited to events, earn money and get perks from it or just hates a certain brand or service. People don't need to be a professional on anything to start their own blog. It's their "log of the day" and you really can't do anything about it. But you are free to feel mad or disgusted by it if you think them unworthy of being beside you in an event. It's a good thing that many don't think the same way as you do.

People will read what they want and even if you start writing articles to have these people regulate what they write, people will still look for that interesting (and honest) article that will get you really riled up. You can't expect them to have the same standards as you. And probably because they think your standards are wrong or even low for them. That isn't your problem either.

Just live and let live. There may be things we don't agree on but if there is one thing all of us are passionate about, it's the love for beauty.

Isn't that enough to acquire an amount of peace in this small world of beauty?

much love,

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