How do you fake well-rested look? Grab a copy of ZenHealth!

When I was first contacted by ZenHealth, I felt somewhat intimidated to answer proposition. I kept asking myself if I was worthy enough to give advise on such things on a magazine. Really, me! Shen??? Expert enough? I know a lot would say I'm not. But my mom always told me never to question the blessings that comes your way, what you do is try to pay it forward.

I answered a few questions on how to fake a well-rested look. I've been faking that rested look since I started college, so I hope that you'll learn something from the advises I shared in this article, beautifully written by Jenny Lynn Aguilar.

here's the article
still kinikilig! (giddy)

I still can't believe that my name is written on a magazine. :)
This is the second time, actually, but I'm still quite shy to share you the other magazine.

Even as a kid I always dreamed of writing for magazine (I even made a magazine made from a sketchpad in highschool). But there is more to magazine than just the colorful glossy pages. A lot of work, blood and tears go into it. When I worked for a magazine, I never took a page for granted anymore. But honestly, I don't know how I got here. Never did I thought (just dreamed) that I will be in a position worthy of a page.

Thank you to Chuchie who introduced me to the magazine and Jenny for this wonderful article. This issue find its way to New Jersey. Hehehe!

Thank you so much, ZenHealth!!

much love,

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  1. cool :D i bought a copy last Sunday and was like, i know her! :D congrats! the article is really helpful and the mag as well :D

  2. wow, congratz ms shen!would definitely grab a copy. =)

  3. I share the enthusiasm with other bloggers in always reading your posts Ms. Shen. It's not s surprise taht one day, you'll get to be a beauty magazine editor because you know how to please your readers with your musings, reviews, etc. This perhaps is the start. hope you'll have more magazine aritcle requests in the future. Congratulations =)

  4. Go Shen! happy to see you guys making it in the spotlight,. hehe,. they believe in you coz you're worth it,.

  5. Congrats Shen! hmmm... I'll try to grab a copy of that mag this weekend :)

  6. Wow! Congratulations! This is so cool, Shen. What's the other mag?

  7. wow! thats awesome shen!
    you are featured because you deserve to be there. congratulations!

    i will definitely get a copy of that. one of the best ways to support a fellow law student, isnt it?

    again.. congratulations and i wish more magazine features for you.

  8. Congrats Shen!I'll definitely buy that magazine issue and read the article^^

  9. Congratulations sis!!! Wow that's a big accomplishment!!^_^

  10. SIS!!!! *major hugs* so proud of you! You know that you deserve this and I am so happy for you!!!! I will definitely grab a copy and let everyone know that I KNOW YOU!!!! :D

  11. congrats shen! we're so proud of you!


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