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After waiting for nearly 2 months, I finally got my hands on my Urban Decay pre-orders. I did the pre-order initially to buy the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II. Unfortunately, it was out of stock. Good thing though that the other two I ordered, the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin and Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion Pore Perfecting Primer.

Here they are:

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin - Champagne Shimmer
Urban Decay says:

This miracle eyeshadow primer is unmatched by any other in the beauty industry! The genie in this bottle fulfills three wishes: eyeshadow that lasts, more vibrant and lasting color, and absolutely NO creasing. Apply Primer Potion to lids before shadow application. It dries down almost instantly (and invisibly), creating smooth lids that are super powered eyeshadow magnets.

The formula is full of silicone, which you beauty mavens know makes for a smooth and silky application. Packaged in a pretty genie bottle, our Potion applies with a magic wand and flocked applicator.

Tips: A little goes a long way! Apply a thin coat and let dry, then apply Eyeshadow as you normally would. Then DARE it to crease. (Double-dog dare it, even!)

Fill Weight: 10ml e 0.34 US fl. oz.
I want to say that I didn't like it... because I don't think I'll ever get my hands on this again. But I do! I do! I sincerely do! I like this so much, I don't even use eyeshadow on it. I just use it alone and my eyes look bigger and more awake. I just love it a LOT!

Champagne Shimmer is a good description that Urban Decay gave this Sin in a bottle. The color is just simply delightful. It provides that wonderful shimmer on your eyelids that can make any matte eyeshadow pop. The lasting power didn't change as well.

If Sin is as good as this... I want to sin more! LOL!

side by side with the Nude Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

Sin is darker than the regular UDPP.

Here's a sample

used 28 palette from Space Pretty Store on ebay

If you use shimmery eyeshadow with Sin, it will enhance it. If you use it with matte eyeshadows, it will show more than just using the regular UDPP. With Sin, I don't feel the need to use additional base to make my eyeshadow pop. Either way, both variants are the best primers I've used so far. Sin just amped it up just a bit.

Unfortunately, this can only last for 6 months from opening. But what I love about Urban Decay, their products are safely made without testing on animals and it is free from animal-derived ingredients.

Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion
Pore Perfecting

Urban Decay says:

Smooth on a little Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion before foundation (or alone!) to totally minimize the look of pores and fine lines. The velvety, paraben-free formula flashes down to a soft-matte finish, without the greasy, heavy feel sometimes associated with foundation primers. The result? Flawless skin with an airbrushed look and feel. Foundation applies smoothly, evenly, and won’t fade away. Ideal for oilier skin, but dry complexions who want pore perfection will love it, too.

The convenient squeeze tube includes a twist-up dispenser (like school glue!) for easy portion control.

Two unique finishes of Complexion Primer Potions are available. For skin that feels brighter and tighter, try our Brightening formula.

Tips: A little goes a long way! A pea-sized drop of Complexion Primer Potion is all you need to perfect your whole face. Or, try just a touch in the areas where you need it most

Fill Weight: 30 ml e 1.0 US fl oz

The product of this miracle primer comes out from the tip. Hold cap and twist. At first I thought this opens like a medicine bottle where in you have to push down and hold cap to open. It was such a stupid mistake on my part not seeing that the tip is open already. LOL.

With just a squeeze, the product comes out. Just like Elmer's glue. Hihihi!

But unlike the glue, Complexion Primer Potion is as smooth as it could be in texture and application. This dries to a soft finish that will leave your skin looking better, pores smaller, lines reduced in appearance, oiliness less apparent and your skin ready for foundation.

I have tried a lot of primer but nothing dries faster than this one. If you enjoyed the Eyeshadow Primer Potion because of its ability to make your eyeshadow last longer, the Complexion Primer Potion is almost just the same.

Best of all this is a Marley Approved product. Meaning no animal-derived ingredients. Also, this lasts for more two years! :)

If only they could give UDPP same container to make it last longer. :)

Overall, I give both products two thumbs up. And hopefully, I find another way to get my hands on this faster than I did before.

much love,

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  1. Very good reviews! I will definitely go and try them both out actually, once I can get my hands on them!

    I too, use eye primer instead of eyeshadow, it does pop my eyes out and makes it brighter. I use the Mac eye primer.

    Anyway, I don't wear eyeshadow much because I don't like it much. A little bit of eyeliner and I'm good to go!

  2. oooooooo i am *so* intrigued by the complexion primer potion; nobody wants to see the gaping pores on my nose. XD how much do you think it really helped with pores? is that better than or normal for other primers? (i'm new to this whole foundation thing, can you tell? xD)

  3. Hi Shen,

    If you happen to run out of UDPP Sin or Original, I have some stocks on hand (no more waiting). You may check it out at vanessa616.multiply.com



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