Turn back time with The Body Shop Originals

Here I am always thinking of the future that I forgot how nice it was to reminisce about the past. Past love lifes, gimmicks, those days I can fit into my skinny jeans and wear bikini like a pin-up model.

But alas! Those days are in the past. Glad though I am that The Body Shop Philippines has brought back something from the past that many women adored... and misses.

From their Banana shampoos to Cucumber cleansing milk, the all-time favorites can onces again done your vanity and shower area.

I got to snag myself the Cucumber Freshening Water that is seriously good to replace those toners that are too harsh for the skin. This leaves my skin clean and soft. Remove remaining dirt after every shower.

I've been using this for more than two weeks and I notice lesser break outs and healthier looking skin.

As a thank you, I received this Pink Grapefruit Body Butter. I thought that the scent would be overwhelming. Given the fact I don't like grapefruit, this one is one of my favorite The Body Shop Body Butter.

Compared to a lot of body butter I've tried, this one glides smoothly. i glide my fingers across the tub and the cream just rolls of like a softened butter. Upon application, your senses will be invaded by its sweet scent and will leave your skin baby soft.

Coming soon, more The Body Shop products.

much love,

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