Me and Crisostomo, a YumYum post

If you ask me my favorite cuisine, I would instantly say Filipino cuisine. For me, my own heritage of different dishes provides the palate a myriad of experience. I can't imagine not eating Adobo, Mechado, Sisig and Crispy Pata. I am very much in love with Filipino food that I wouldn't mind choosing it over an Louis Vuitton Eclipse (but who would be so cruel to make me choose, right?).

I'm very much proud of Pinoy Cuisine and eating at Crisostomo only made me more proud. Who would have thought that an Angus beef would taste so well cooked like bistek tagalog? Suman fondue? Ahhh... my two new favorite dessert words. What about crispy calamares, golden fry? Let's stop there as my stomach is growling from reminiscing my fantastic meal at Crisostomo.

Crisostomo couldn't be more Pinoy in name (Spanish really but the name holds a different meaning to us Filipinos). Taken from the novel El Filibusteristmo, authored by our National Hero, Jose Rizal, could speak of what the restaurant is trying to put out there for their customers. Filipino fusion at its finest.

Sorry that I don't have the menu posted here. I didn't even get the names right.. But its still the one of the best Pinoy cuisine I've tasted. :)

Crisostomo by you.

Calamares ni Tales by you.
Calamares! Yum!
Crispy Balat by you.
Chicharon Bulaklak

Cornik by you.
Cornick! :)

Bistek Pelaez by you.
Angus Beef, Bistek Tagalog style
IShanghai by you.
Lumpiang Shanghai

Crisostomo by you.

Crisostomo by you.
Fish steak

Kare-kare ng Kura by you.

Suman Fondue by you.
Suman Fondue

Pandan Ice Cream by you.
Corn Ice Cream with Gelatin

Crisostomo Plate by you.

Crisostomo cactus design by you.

Crisostomo Interior by you.

Crisostomo by you.

It is quite expensive to dine here and many have said that the servings are quite minimal.

As for me, I wouldn't let a chance go by to eat here again. The overall ambiance and the food makes for an intimate dinner date with a loved one. And what is more intimate than the dishes you grew up with transformed in gastronomic gourmet.

Hoping that I could up more Yum! Yum! posts!!

much love,

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