Spotted: Room by Room Makeovers Book by Real Living Magazine

I was lucky enough to attend the launch for Real Living's Room by Room Makeover Book in coordination with Robinson's Mall Ermita and Robinson's Do It Best Handyman. It was a timely event in my case since I'll soon be needing a makeover with our room. We recently acquired an LCD TV and I want to make it the focal point of the room. Not to mention that I need a new closet for my clothes that are just stuck in the other room.

Room makeovers, unlike with beauty makeovers, will take more planning and cash. You have to know what you want just like choosing that new lipstick. Though with a beauty makeover, you need not sweat, a room makeover will definitely make use of the muscles and extra energy. But the results are just the same... fulfilling.

Room by Room Makeover Book is a compilations of Real Living Magazines true to life and the best free makeovers they have done. Rachelle Medina, EIC of Real Living, suggests that it is best to choose a specific room to do a makeover. Not only it is less taxing on the plans, it is also more budget-friendly.

The book will definitely provide you with loads of ideas what room to revamp and how to make it more functional for you. The book have 101 helpful tips on space planning, organizing, color schemes, and more. Enjoy doing money-saving DIY's? Then you'll enjoy this book more. :)

Wow. It doesn't really take so much to do a room makeover. That alone lifted a whole lot from my chest. :)

I spent over an hour over this book and still in awe with how much I learned from it.
So affordable and yet full of information. :)

Ms. Tish Alvarez-Angluben gave tips on how NOT to win a makeover.

I think the slide says it all. An important tip if you want NOT to win a makeover is to send a picture of your space empty. It is a makeover and not a Kabuhayan showcase. LOL!

Ms. Hannah Faustino-Acab here was discussing how do to a proper makeover.

R-E-D-O. Ms. Hannah gave a tip that I think will benefit most us. It is important to keep your newly made over space in order. A makeover can only do so much, but if we don't clean our space, the makeover would lose its sense.

Another tip: Maybe you really don't need a makeover. Decluttering could just be the solution you need. Some things you think you need probably would have its use in someone else's house. Clean up and you'll see that you have a great room all along.

Robinson's not-so-new wing is such a sight to behold. :)

With Rochelle at the Real Living Event. :)

Now, I just need to have a do-able plan and next thing I know, I'll be rocking a new room with the boyfie. :)

much love,

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