Gift Idea: Beauty Blender

The uber raved Beauty Blender is finally in my hands!!

Well, it was just quite a blessing because a friend and fellow classmate from Basement Academy, Stef, decided to import this "beauty" to our wonderful tropical islands!

Beauty Blender from Hi-Definition Make-up Studio

Along with other famous HD cosmetics that she will be selling, beauty blender has become a favorite for us who were lucky enough to try to it (that's why I got one for myself). Dear Jaimie, Mizzmakeup, raved about it here. I knew I had to get one but it was just mighty expensive to have it shipped or even buy it from Philippine-based sellers.

God must have been listening, because although my new beauty blender didn't come with the container and cleanser, I got it at a reasonable price of Php1200.00. And this baby lasts like crazy. The Beauty Blender that I got to try was used several times (and cleaned, too) for their gigs but it works like it was new again. Now I understand the hype for it.

Don't mistake me for giving up my brushes. But this blender made me forget to use my brush for contouring! The tip was just right to get that perfect slant in shaping that cheekbones and nose. Love!

And have you worked with airbrush foundation? It's very liquid that is why its best to use an airbrush compressor. But with the beauty blender I was able to experience applying an airbrush foundation sans the whole machine. Yeah, I know. Fantastic, right?

This little beauty blender provides an soft airbrush finish and doesn't eat up a lot of product. Rather it delivers it on to the skin. It truly isn't your regular sponge. I really can't explain it but its just love. I especially love using this with my graftobian cool palette, where the cream foundation is ever so light on the face and I could go out even without using concealer. And with this blender, I was able to practice a certain technique a Shu Makeup Artist taught me. I forgot the name of the technique but its like layering where in you pinched the blender and apply it on your dark spots to cover them. Really, I'm bad at explaining so I'll just stop.

top view

I know a lot of beauty enthusiast doesn't have the love for sponges as it often attracts bacteria, but really it just boils down to how hygienic you keep your tools. :) The beauty blender doesn't need a lot of maintenance. I just use my Bare Natural's Brush Shampoo to clean it, spray a few pumps of alcohol, let it dry and store it in a ziplock. Just that simple and same as I do with my brushes. :)

So yeah, I'm sales talking a bit too much. Why don't you just try it for yourself. :) Maybe you ask the Mister to get one this for you for the Holidays, another present under the tree wouldn't hurt. :)

Check more of Stef's stuff at her Facebook page Hi Definition Make-up Studio or multiply page

Oh, and did I tell that she will be selling OCC Liptars! :) I got a few colors reserved already since it isn't here yet. :)

Gotta shut-up now, I'm writing way too much!

much love,

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Shen! Wow, this is even cheaper than the bodyshop's. :S


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