Eye-spy: New Ellana Eyeshadows

I admit it. I am a big big fan of Ellana. So every time they have anything new in their catalogs, I immediately order them. I just can't help it. And who doesn't love going home with a package waiting for you?

Four new colors added their Mineral Multipurpose Eyeshadows.
Php130.00 (0.7g)

Sublime, bright strawberry pink
(belongs to the family of Pinks/Reds)

Seabreeze, teal green
(belongs to family of Greens)

Serene, matte red brown (eyeliner/eyeshadow)
(belongs tot he family of Browns/Bronze/Beiges)

Dawn, deep orange frost
(belongs to the family of Golds/Oranges)


Sample work:

Used Seabreeze (upper lid), Serene (outer V to Crease), Dawn (inner lid crease)

If you love playing with colors, I suggest you grab some these new mpm and get those creative juices flowing. :)

much love,

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