Product Review: Biolage Theraphie Hair Products (How i keep my hair low maintenance)

I notice that I don't do a lot of hair product reviews. It basically roots on the fact that I don't do much with my hair at all. I have way too much hair that two people can share and for years I avoid having anything to do with except keep it clean and away form my face.

However, I have been all too ga-ga over my hair since I had rebonded and colored. People noticed how great it is and I am just too pleased to hear it. I'm not trying to sound obnoxious but its only for the past few months that I have really received compliments when it comes to my hair and I can't help not to feel a bit elated from it. I promised not to let it get to my head... wink!

Of course, with great hair comes great responsibilities. I am only too aware of how important it is to take care of my hair now that it is more prone to damage and breakage from all major chemical treatments it went through.

For weeks now since I had my hair colored (see post here), I am using Biolage Therapie Products that I have been advised by the people at Univers Kaisen Salon (where I got my hair colored). Since I have been a fan of Biolage (thanks to my aunts abroad), I didn't hesitate buying them.

For everyday care, there was the Colorcaretherapie Color Care Shampoo that moisturizes and intensifies shine for Color Treated Hair. Second was the HydraTherapie, ULTRA-hydrating Conditioner, nourishes dry and coarse hair.

For maintaince, they offered me SmoothTherapie Anti-Frizz Smoothening Serum, Smoothes and controls dry frizzy hair and ForteTheraphie Instensive Strengthening Masque, Strengthens and helps reconstruct dry and chemically-treated hair.

So far, all products work cohesively with all my the treatments I had.

The Colorcaretheraphie shampoo has a nice scent of sunflower and Aloe Vera. It has a thick consistency that a amall amount is enough to create a nice lather for my thick hair. This product protects my colored hair and gives it the shine boost it needs. No dull colored hair for this lady.

Since I have colored and rebonded hair, keeping it moisturized is important. The Hydratherapie has an aloe vera scent that just envelopes my hair. This product certainly keeps my hair soft that impresses many people on how well cared for my hair is.

The Smooththeraphie Smoothening Serum is a products with lots of use. Not only does it keep my baby hairs from standing in the crowd, this can also be used as a heat-protector from straightening iron or other heat emitting products. It doesn't feel icky at all and the scent is quite similar to other hair serums.

One major maintenance that I do of course is applying the Forte Theraphie Intensive Strengthening Masque. I call it serendipity that will all the products of Biolage this is the one i got because rebonded hair definitely needs intensive strengthening. Will all the treatments I had, I should really find the product helps it get back to a state of normal. No surprise here either, the scent is way to lovely that I find it hard to only use a spoonful of it once a week.

The science and nature at work in Biolage products helps my now low maintenance hair became more easy to handle than it ever was before. And to say my hair is low maintenance is actually an understatement from the state of my hair before.

Only sad part about these products is that its only sold in Salons (I got this at Univers Kaisen Salon, Mall of Asia) and so far I haven't found one near me who sells Biolage product... and I already ran out of my conditioner. :( Prices starts at P300++. More about Biolage Products here.

I grade these products 4 out 5 Kikay Pinay Points (5 = highest).

much love,

P.S. I heard great things about the L'oreal Paris Elseve Color-Vive Line. So until I find a salon who sells Biolage or if I get to visit Mall of Asia again, Color-Vive will be my sub.. :)

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