Spotted: Shen at L'oreal Luxury Beaute Groupe Event

Imagine my ear to ear smile when I checked my text messages one morning. One of which came from the Senior Product Manager of L'oreal Philippines asking me to attend L'oreal Global Luxury Beaute Groupe Event on April 27, 2009.

I can't say enough how grateful I am to be a part of events like this celebrating what we love... Beauty, what else? :)

These event were speak peak launches of many products that L'oreal carries in their Luxury lines like Shu Uemura, Kiehl's, Giorgio Armani Fragrances, Ralph Lauren Fragrances and of course, my new favorite, Lancome.

my beautiful beauty blogger friends

Those who were invited in the publication and online medias were spoiled like crazy. The event started off with L'oreal Luxe Pass game. The game was simply to go around the spacious room of Discovery Suites, Columbus Room, and visit each brands.

the box that contains our Luxe Pass

First stop was at the Kiehl's Booth, wherein their new product, Yerba Mate Tea Gel-Cream. An African tropical tea that is said to be the key to the fountain of youth turned beauty cream. Isn't that lovely? We were also served the Yerba Mate Tea Drink on the rocks and I must say I'm hooked like everyone else. It was so refreshing that despite standing the whole day, I felt so energized.

the Swiper tasting the Drinks for the Gods iced tea.. :)

starting to get busy

girls getting busy being pampered.. :)

Bambi looking at some cool Khiel's product
What to choose... Hmm...

Second stop was at Shu Uemura Lash Bar wherein we saw some new collection of the ever-surprising lashes of Shu. I can't tell you how I want to own one these in the future especially when I become a full-fledged makeup artist. But MUA or not, the lashes are so covetable.

Kim (finally, we met!) and Nikki of the ever popular Askmewhats

Shu Uemura resident artists. :)

Another stop was at Giorgio Armani Extreme Photo Contest Booth wherein one of its Product Manager gaves us enlightening facts on choosing our own fragrance base on our personality and likes. Which I must say, she was dead on when it came to my scent of choice.

the TOP 3 Contestants of Extreme Phot Contest...
Can you tell which one is my favorite? Hihihi!
If only I could taste them... I mean meet them.. LOL!

Next stop was at my favorite brand of all, Lancome, who will be launching a breakthrough product come September (my birthday month so i hope i can grab myself these for my big 26). :) As usual, AC explained the new product effortlessly and all of us were in awe with how much Lancome puts in to every product they make. Now I believe that is the reason many of the ladies still remains true to Lancome for many years. And I believe, that this is the time I myself will continually use Lancome till I age... gracefully. :)

Genefique... how i wish I could take you home.. :)

The journey didn't end there though, we still made quick stop at Shu Uemura Lash Bar wherein one of their Resident Makeup Artist worked his magic on Roanne's eyebrows. I must say that she already looked fabulous but with the eyebrow makeover, her face became brighter. And if you only saw the makeup traincase of this artist, I'm sure you'll also drool like I did. :)

And guess what, they have the same cardinal rule as I do when it comes to eyebrows, NEVER SHAVE, only tweeze. :)

Now, here are some pics that I was able to take of my dear blogger ladies :)

Mizzmakeup Jaimie and Pro MUA, Bambi

Askmewhats Nikki and Kim of A Few Things in Kim's Life

ehem.. finally a pic of me snooping on a Shu MUA. :)
(i look so fatso here!)

When I started this blog, I never imagined myself to be were it is now. Is it luck? Is it the works of the Guy Up there? I don't know... But I probably did something good to be receiving such beautiful blessings through friends. The freebies aren't even half of the things that makes this exciting. It's the fact that I am recognized for something that I love doing.... especially when I get to share it with wonderful people like Sophie, Phoebe, Jheng, Jaimie, Nikki, Kim, Bambi and Roanne... and those of you out there that I've had great connections with (in the Philippines or abroad). I thank HIM so much that He made this all possible.. :)

As usual, like all events I've been to... it turned out to be a great day. And to end it with a Hot White Chocolate Mocha with the Beautinomist on a rainy night? What can else can I ask for?

much love,

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