Press Launch: Shu Uemura The Beauty and Makeup Competition 2009

Sorry again for the late of updates. I've been loving this new found independence that I've been spending it out with friends all the time. I love not having to answer to anyone on where I go and what time I go home. You don't get that much here due to the conservative ways of the Philippines. I just consider myself the lucky few who can live her life on her own.

Don't worry though, I do take care of myself to not get into trouble. :)

Before the start of April, Shu Uemura held a Press Launch for its major event this year, The Beauty and Make-up Competition 2009. Many of its guest are from the publishing industries and as always I consider myself lucky to be invited to these event and share it with you in my blog.

As always, these events are not complete when not shared with my adorable friends, Jheng and Jaimie (too bad Nikki could not come due to her work). I finally got to meet Bambi as well who just liven up the whole room.

pinay beauty bloggers (jheng, jaimie and I)
(Bambi was also there, too bad there was no chance for us to get a complete group pic)

Jheng and Jaimie

Yummy food! Thank God for these because i was really starving then..


Beautiful Artworks

Ms. L.I., presenting the The Beauty and Makeup Competition 2009.

all of us, watching the video presentation.

people from publishing and media world

The day was productive. I love meeting new people and ask about their interests. I guess I'm what you call a people-person, an extrovert. I hate being locked up in a box... I usually want to interact. Hence, this blog as a medium to reach out to you guys...

I can't wait for the coming weeks when all the entrees for this contest will be unveiled. I'm hoping I get to interview one if not all the contestant for this event. Wouldn't that be neat?

Still a little bit busy for the coming days. Do bear with me, fellow beauty-lovers!! :)

much love,

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