Beyonce for Emporio Armani Diamonds Intense

After her hit album I am.... Sasha Fierce, Beyonce Knowles, is not stopping with bringing us great hits this year 2009. She's the face for the new fragrance, Emporio Armami Diamonds Intense, a follow-up from EA's Diamonds that flew off the countershelves last year.

Available now at your favorite fragrance store for only P4000.00 in 100ml!

Here's an exclusive interview from Beyonce, her part in creating this fragrance, why she loves Diamonds as well as her life a superstar!

Why did you accept to be the voice and face of Emporio Armani Diamonds ?


I met Mr. Armani years ago, and everything about his brand is classic and perfection. Everything is elegant and he is what I would like to stand for. So I was honoured that he asked me to be part of it.

In the song that you recorded for the commercial a couple of weeks ago, you sing “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.” What a difference from Marylin Monroe’s interpretation.


I love Marylin and of course her rendition. We all thought that it was important to make it modern, make it me, and make it Mr. Armani and fresh. So we added a couple of things in the drums and some the instruments to make it more appropriate for this time. But we still tried to keep some of the sexiness and some of the whisper Marylin had in the original.

How do you feel when get on the stage? As your first concert or do you worry more about your voice, your performance or your image?


I think it is really amazing, because all of the artists that I look up to, they focus on their voice, the songs, the production, the stage, the costumes … everything. When everything is perfection and you bring it all together then it is ideal.

So I focus on every aspect of my live performances but I do get very nervous still after so many years, and I think it is important that you are a little nervous because that nervousness kicks in and makes you energized and it gives you a better performance.

Is there a difference between the perfume you wear on stage or in your private life?


I actually wear Diamonds on the stage. I have a section in the show, where I spray it on and all of my guys are coming over to me and passing out and saying it is so beautiful. It really does make me feel strong and sexy at the same time. I think that is what is so powerful about it. It makes you have that strength but it still makes you feel like you can have a little seduction.

What part of Beyonce translates the most in the expression of this fragrance?


I guess the combination of power and strength with a bit of seduction. I think it make you interesting when you have a combination of different things all in one.

What does it mean for you to become the image of a couture fragrance? And are you faithful as far a fragrance is concerned?


Oh absolutely. I am so proud, as I said, any brand that I would love to be part of and with, collaborate with, is Armani. This is like a dream come true. It gets no higher than Armani.

You re so widely successful in all aspects of life and you are not even 30 and now you are the spokesperson for one of the most glamorous brands in the world … Which goals do you have left in your life?


Happiness, which I have achieved. I’m a very, very happy person, but continuously growing and I want to do more films, more albums. I want to maintain my spirit and continue to be a happy southern girl.

What about your personal style and character? Do you feel it makes you the quintessential Emporio Armani Woman?


I don’t really like to talk about my own style but I try to be timeless, glamorous, elegant and sophisticated all in one.

We never see you having a bad day. How do you find the energy to just sparkle the way you do always ?


I absolutely have bad days. I love what I do and I think when you are passionate about what you do, you can’t fake that. And people can appreciate the honesty in everything that I am a part of , I really do appreciate it and love it and respect it.

What is the most fun and most memorable moment when you were doing the Diamonds campaign?


Probably the commercial, it was a long shoot but it was so beautiful. I could not believe how they could manage to make an oversized diamond and I had these beautiful diamond shoes and by the end of the day my feet were on fire but the commercial turned out so great. It was really exciting to me when they came to me with the concept of the fragrance and re-recording the song. To see it come to life was really amazing!

What do you do when you want to be a normal girl?


I still consider myself a normal girl, I am not different from anyone else, I just perform. My nephew, my sister, my family, when the come to visit me I feel like I am back at home. My mom cooks for me, I stay in my pyjamas and I play with my nephew, I change diapers. I feel rejuvenated, not a celebrity just a normal girl.

In your opinion if diamonds are a girl’s best friend, which kind of stones are the best friends of men?


I think diamonds also. Guys like diamonds.

When was the last time you saw Mr. Armani and did he tell you why he chose you because he does not usually chose celebrities for his perfumes ?


I actually just saw him in Milan, I can’t believe how young he looks, and every time I see him he gets younger and younger. I think that since the first time we met we had a natural connection. We did not speak about why, I respect him and he has a mutual respect for me.

What is the secret to be the sexiest woman, to have so many successes? Do you feel comfortable with so many people around you? How do you find the balance between your family life and work?


It is very difficult but I try to make sure that I focus and spend as much effort relaxing as I do working. It is very difficult because I like to work. As long as I stay confident and happy, that is what is so beautiful and sexy about a woman, when you see the happiness, the strength and the confidence.

Which fragrance do you like to smell on a man? What should a man smell like?


I know I like men to smell strong and masculine. I don’t know which fragrance it is. I like strength but not too much. I don’t like to walk into an elevator and smell a loud cologne.

Have you been involved in the choice of the notes of the fragrance?


Actually I have been involved in the approval process. They already had so much together when we had our first meeting, I felt, oh my god! Please I want to be part of this because this is so genius.

I think you have a very hectic schedule. What is your beauty routine in the morning?


It depends upon how much sleep I get the night before. Sometimes I am a bit lazy and I go to sleep with my make-up on !

But most of the time I try to drink lots of water, I have been taking vitamins because I have so many shows – 4 shows in a row and then 1 day off. I try to drink tea to make sure my voice stays strong. I run up a lot of stairs. I love to workout on stairs; I think it is the best thing.

You are a woman of many talents, a brilliant actress, model and singer. Where do you see yourself let’s say in 10 years.


Well hopefully I would have done a couple more movies; I want to keep growing as an actress and also to more albums. In ten years I will be 35, perhaps a couple of children but I am in no rush. I have my nephew that I take when I have that little itch, then reality sinks in and OK – no I am not ready yet!

If you perfume yourself where do you spray it? On your neck or some special places?


Definitely on my neck and I love to spray fragrance in my hair.

Do you have any movie plans?


As of now I have been receiving a lot of scripts and thank god they’ve changed since I did Dreamgirls. I have to decide when I have time and exactly what type of role I would like to do next and hopefully next year, maybe in the middle of it, I will start filming another one but I do not have anything set in stone yet.

Check out her latest Ad video for Diamonds Intense

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