Philosophy's The Microdelivery Mini-Peel Pads

Before I start on this review, I would like to share my story first with you.

My skin has been at its worst for the past years. Having both bad genes from my parents as well as getting addicted to makeup, it can't be help that I aggravate the problems.

I still remember the first time my mom brought to me a dermatologist, OH HOW IT HURTS! The "pricking" is too painful for a 17 year old to take. I swear, I wanted to scream at my mom then.. However, I wanted to scream more at myself everytime I looked in the mirror with zits all over my face. I've been there and than that (as long the budget allows) when it comes to going to dermatologist and aesthetician. For awhile, I acquired a flawless skin without need for makeup and the dark spots have lessened. But still, with the lifestyle I led, it all came back like it never left.

One day, when I finally took a stand. I went to a dermatologist and told her about this dilemma. I told her that I don't have the time nor the finances to go to treatments every other day or week foe that matter. I need something that works but can take at home. The friendly doctor advised me to only take two medication plus sunblock (what i was using then will do) and Glycerin soap for washing. She gave me samples of Duac Gel and Differin. Ointents best known for acne-prone and congested skin. She gave them free at first because she wanted to see if this two will work on me before I actually bought it. I left her office paying only for the professional fee and the soap (P80). It was the cheapest visit I made to a dermatologist.

Although I would have hormonal breakouts when my period was due, weeks after, my skin improved. However, marks are left from the breakouts. Here lies in my next dilemma. When I came back to my dermatologist, she advised that I get a weekly peeling session which only cost P800 ($17), its a fruit-base acid peel to lighten my marks and get rid of dead skin cell. Basically, to make my skin clear and baby smooth.

Microdermabrasion was not option because it would aggravate the cystic pimples I still have. The Fruit-base peel was too stingy to my facial skin that I wasn't able to stand it for a minute, the 1st peeling session lasted only for about 30 seconds. It felt like pins and needles sticking to my face.

As usual, I was not able to follow up after just one peeling session because I moved out from my old place and started working. Imagine my dismay in seeing the marks everyday and try to cover them with concealer. Thank God for mineral makeup and traditional makeup.

It was a twist of fate when I was handed Philosophy's Blueprint by one of the Sales Assiociate at Beauty Bar Podium. So while I was at work, I decided to read it. Obviously, it is a nice way to know which products one would need. I was interested in their The Microdelivery Peel Kit so instead of not doing anything about it, I might as well purchase a product that is raved my many in order to help my skin improve. Unfortunately, it was out of stock at the Beauty Bar nearest my office. I settled in to purchase their The Microdelivery Mini-Peel Pads while I wait for The Microdelivery Kit to go back on stock.

what Philosophy says:

philosophy's microdelivery mini peel pads were created to help exfoliate and replenish the skin while prepping it for additional treatment products. these convenient, easy to use mini peel pads exfoliate the skin in seconds and help protect the skin from free radical attack while providing excellent moisturizing and emollient properties leaving the skin feeling skin smooth and looking radiant. this unique combination of ingredients also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that help soothe the skin and minimize redness.

you need this product if...
  • you want to help diminish the look of fine topical lines and uneven skin tone
  • you are seeking a radiant, glowing complexion
  • you are time-starved but want to take care of your skin

  • I've read that this has almost an instant effect. I like that in a product since I'm an impatient person (that's why I don't cook). The skin would look radiant and exfoliated even if I have breakouts. There are also bad reviews that this would leave my skin sticky and it would easily dry up.

    Taking all those into consideration, my first few days of using this product, I already see minor positive results and no negative ones. I still have marks but my skin appears to be smoother and softer. The small dark spots from pimples of years past have lessened but the recent ones are still there. What I was happy about is that I don't feel the small bumps that I use to feel before. It doesn't feel sticky at all after it settles on my skin. So far, I'm not regretting that I bought this product practically on a whim.

    You know what else that I love about The Microdelivery Mini-Peel Pads? It's so easy to use. Just take one pad and slightly smooth over your face and neck as if your using a cotton pad with a toner (avoiding eye area of course). Then use whatever skin care you've been using. I've added this at the beginning of my night regimen after I cleansed with my Orange Soap from Beauty Icon. Then I just apply my Duac Gel and Differin. It doesn't affect my usual regimen which is truly a blessing for me. Lastly, I can do this at the convenience of my home without the need for me to go and get a peel elsewhere.

    I'm not even going to consider it a negative thing that this product is expensive because if I add up the amount of this product to all my expenses from all the other products I bought before that didn't help, this one is a steal at P2150.00 (Price in US is $35.00).

    I'm not saying that this Mini-Peel Pads equate to professionally done peeling. But in my lifestyle at the moment, my time and finances can't allow me to go to those visits.. At the least, this product will not waste all my efforts in making my skin clear. Until such time I can have the luxury to get those peeling sessions, I am just making sure I don't go back to square one again.

    Just a thing to remind you though is to keep this refrigirated to keep the pads from drying up. Not only will your product last, but the coolness of the pads when applied to the skin is refreshing.

    Hope I was of help to many of you in this review. I will update you guys whether I still feel the same when I've used up all the pads.

    much love,


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