Kikay Pinay Exclusive: My Lancome Beauty Club

Shen's Addiction aka Kikay Pinay and a few chosen bloggers are bringing it to you exclusive.

Last Wednesday, March 25, 2009, at Greenbelt 5 Fashionwalk for the much-awaited launch of My Lancome Club of Lancome Philippines. Attendees may avail this exclusive priviliged at discounted rate. Such prestigious club opens a door to Lancome's luxurious line of cosmetics and skin care heralded by many women all over the world.

I can only consider myself lucky to be a part of this prestigious event.
(thanks to Sophie, who couldn't join us that night)

Nikki of Askmewhats and me
(thanks to Keith, Nikki's super devoted husband who took so much pictures of us that night)

Me, Allison Salvador of Lancome and Nikki
(photo courtesy of Keith Tui)

(photo courtesy of Keith Tui)

Faces of Filipina Women of Lancome

Beauty team behind Fredirick Peralta's models

no, we're not models... aspiring, more like it.
Beauty bloggers for such Beauty event
me, Nikki, Jaimie and Jheng

making funny faces! quite inapproriate for such an elegant evening but what the heck!

Waiting in line to see Lancome boutique located at Greenbelt 5, Makati
(i can spend the whole day inside)

playing with the flowers along Jheng's fabulous face
(photo courtesy of Keith Tui)

us at Lancome! (i feel like a tourist!)
(photo courtesy of Keith Tui)

I was lucky enough to get a few shots of the evening. :)

Ms. Dy of Lancome gives her introduction of the event

Ms. Carrie Co telling us about the wonderful things about My Lancome Club

I could only wish to be up there in the future. :)

Now on to Frederick Peralta's wedding collection. A definite highlight of the evening.

oh the wonderful talents of Filipinos.

that's Jheng, Nikki and our ever so wonderful playing photog that night, Mr. Keith Tui!

(thanks Jaimie for this!)

It was truly a fun day spending time with friends who shares my passion for anything beautiful. These girls, who I consider my true friends, are a joy to be with.
I am indeed blessed to share such event with them.
Although, I did miss Phoebe and Sophie, who sadly can't be with us that night.
They are busy pursuing their goals. :)
We miss you!!!
Maybe next time?

much love,

P.S. You got that right, Jheng, Jaimie and I shared a meal at Ebun (a memorable place to us all). After which, Jheng and I had after-dinner drinks at Chili's with the rain pouring angrily on Manila.
As if we'll stray away from tradition, right.
Although on our next drink, I'm hoping Sophie, Phoebe, Nikki and Jaimie will join us.
And you, of course!

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