Product Revisited: BareNaturals Flat Top Brush

Another addition to blog is Product Revisited, this is a part of Shen's Addiction that will help you determine if my product reviews in the past despite its thorough review remains the same or have otherwise changed. This is for the fact that a lot us of may love products at the beginning but more or less change opinion after a long period of time of usage. Or I could tell whether I find a certain product truly a good buy in my utmost honest opinion. As usual this will be a diary of sort which does not have a set pointers. I hope this will help those who are truly holding off in buying any of the products I've reviewed worth their cash or not.


The first product that came to mind to revisit is my BareNaturals Softest Focus Flat Top Brush, my product review is provided at this link. I was just amaze on how well this product held up with my everyday use since the time I got this nearly a year ago. It even gets battered in my makeup kit and yet it still looks almost the same.

1. No shedding
2. Brush hair remains dense after months of usage
3. Still buffs really well
4. Ferrule remains intact (really sturdy)
5. Still does what its meant to do and that is to deliver even and flawless application of foundation, finishing powder or blush.
6. No fly-aways
7. Hair still in shape.
8. After many washes, hairs remain really soft.

1. None.

told you, there's no flyaways.

still dense

soft as ever

Looks "like"new. :) Except for the handle getting some scratches from my bag, this brush still is an arsenal to my kikay kit. By the way, I painted the end of the handle black to distinguish it when i'm with friends who have the same brush. I'd hate to lose this, you know.

Do, I recommend this as good buy? Definitely!
How much is it again? P419 last time I checked (still same price)
Score? Still 5 out 5 Kikay points!

I hope I was able to help you guys out in deciding whether to buy this brush or not.

Request accepted. If you would like for me to revisit any product, just email me at gee[underscore]leeshen[at]yahoo[dot]com.


much love,

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