My Valentine '09 (picture heavy) + Haul + Concert + Food

Belated Happy Valentine's everyone! :)

I know I have been remiss on blogging duties of late. I've been quite busy with work as well as other personal things. :) I know you would understand because I'm sure and I've seen a lot of you were busy with Valentine's Day.

Mine was quite different. :) R and I spent the whole of Valentine's Day at home. Yes, you read it right! :) We were just at home. We decided to not do the usual movie-slash-dinner and just chilled at home. R knew I need to catch up on my sleep from all my late nights on the weekdays. So, that's what we did... But not before he gave me his surprise.. :)

a simple yet so elegant boquet of floers from Holland Tulips (my favorite!)

Aren't they lovely?

R does this every Valentine's. It's a tradition in our relationship. The flowers are the first thing I see when I wake up on Valentine morning. :) Le sigh!

For our dinner, our dear cook prepared two of our favorite dishes. :)

Buttered Garlic Crabs with Ginger

and.. Buttered Garlic Shrip with Ginger.. Yum!!

For dessert, R bought us Strawberry Ice Cream to partner our Braso de Mercedes from Goldilocks.

Then we just stayed in bed and watched Legend of the Seeker on my laptop. :)


The celebration didn't end there.

R and I had a date with our friends to watch Love 2 Love 2 Love Concert of the 3 famous bands here in Manila, MYMP, Freestyle and Side A. But prior to that R wanted to take me to Shangri-la Mall to check out MAC and Make-up Forever. Yes, yet again, you heard that right. R wanted to take me to see two of my favorite traditional Make-up Brands so i choose what V-day gift I wanted... Yipppeeeeee!!

OOTD: All from ForMe
Psychedelic Pink Satin Top
Flared Jeans (I miss wearing flares!)
Strappy Sandals from B Club

on our way to Shang... i love this guy so much!

EOTD: All MAC (Neo Sci-fi Collection)


MUFE HD Foundation mixed with MAC StudioFix Fluid
MAC StudioFix Concealer
MAC MSF's for setting and contouring
Nars Orgasm Blush
Ellana Liquid Lip Color in Vixen

We had Lunch at Tender Bob's (R's favorite) first before hitting the stores... :)

Baked Mussels (yum!!)

Porkchop steak (R's order)

Fillet Mignon (My order) I was so hungry I had a bite first before I remembered taking picture.


R's gifts (Thanks Muchos, Love!)

He got me MUFE HD Primer in Green but I forgot to take a pic of it! (Bummer!)

GirlBoy Brow Set

MAC 165 (OMG!! I Love love this brush!!)
MAC 226 (Jheng! Finally!)

MAC 165, the rose0bud shape of this brush allows me to play with two different blushes at the same time! I can contour my cheeks properly if not perfectly with worrying I'll look too made up.

MAC 226, fits my eye crease perfectly! Love this!

MAC MSF in Red Head.. :) I just love the highlighting this gives me! I can't believe i'm only getting into MSF's now. They're gorgeous!!


I love you, R!


Concert time!

We stayed a bit far away but it was still worth it! The songs reminded us of our "crazy relationships" with the exes.. that just made us more thankful that we have someone in our lives who loves us for who we are. As for our other friends, they consider themselves lucky to have been able to get out of the realtionships that wasn't meant for them. :)

Happy couple.. :)

So noisy but a lot of fun!

Jurist and Jinky of MYMP and Freestyle.

I went for Freestyle and Side A but MYMP's performance totally impressed me. :)

Friends for life! We use to be each other's dates way back and we still are!

Late Dinner at Dencio's (sisig and Krispy Pata!)
True friends through good times and bad times.. Good times that night! :)

That's all for now!!

How was your Valentine's?

much love,

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