YumYum: Igado (Ilocano dish) + ME!

hi everyone,

on a lighter note...

I just ate my fave Ilocano dish of all time! And may fave cantino in Ilocos Norte, Dawang's, serve the best Igado I've ever tasted.

Be warned, this is not for physically faint-hearted. This food is a cholesterol frenzy! :)

Igado is like Menudo (click for pic), ilocano style. Different barrios cook their Igado in many ways. Some nearly looks like a menudo while some you can't even connect to the original dish. Basically, It has small cuts of pork, beef or chicken, liver, bell pepper, garlic, etc. Sauteed in hot vegatable oil with soy sauce, salt and a bit of sugar (click here for recipe).

Dawang's Igado is my all time fave (how many times to have to say this!). :) I don't eat other Igado but this one. Hehehe!

My lunch which consists of plain rice, a soda and my beloved Igado cost me onlt Php83! Not more than $2.

used my neutral palette and CG lash blast
you can't tell but i had my eyelashes permed. will show you close-up pic soon.
i had my hair cut as well..

Did i say i'm bad at funerals? I really am. apparently, wearing green is a no-no... had no choice, I only have a few clothes left. Tsk! Tsk!

I was able to catch up with friends here. I've missed them so much. Most of them are married and have kids already... I really am getting left behind. Tsk! Tsk!

Where is your province?
What's your fave dish from the province?
When was the last time you saw your HS friends?

much love,
the addicted

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