How I organize my makeup

Let me just say that organizing my makeup is like changing my bag. Meaning, I tend to change it over and over again. Depending on my mood, it will be this way and the next, that way. When I saw Nikki of Askmewhats, i got inspired in re-organizing my makeup storage and station again.

As soon as i got a chance, i visited the neareast Japan Surplus/Daiso(Japanese dollar store) my place and gathered several materials such as plastic trays, dividers and tempura tray.

(looks like black picket fences...) the black thing on the drawer are slip-free mats so my pots won't move. :)

the dividers i got comes in two which isn't much so i got 4 for Php88/$2 for 2 sides.
These allowed me to place them according to the sizes of my makeups so they will fit perfectly. The name cards (the blue folders on the upper right) are pigment samples. The empty slots are for pots that i don't use frequently.

I got two office plastic trays. I got these instead of more dividers so i can easily pick them up from their drawer when i need them. BONUS: you can place the side dividers in order to fit your makeups. Just like what i did with my NYX round lipstick and lipglosses.

I was hesitant to buy this but seeing now that it works well with my daily stuff, i'm happy i bought it. And it's only Php88($2)!

This drawer are mainly for the makeup kits i consider valuable(gifts or can't be found here in PI), my 120 Palette, my scarf (for when i do makeup), nail polishes, etc. What i like about it, you just need to use your common sense on where to put what. Cheap too coz it doesn't cost anything!

If you have old gift boxes, use the top and bottom as containers. RECYCLE! :) That's what i did with my gold box to store my nail polishes.

Since none of my court cases can fit here anymore, I re-used this as storage for my 5g jars(i also have one for my 10g jars). It's about that thick so it fits them perfectly. Takes less amount of space, doesn't shake and i can see all the colors of my eyeshadows. cool, right?

I can't stress enough how much i love these! I'm such a clumsy person so having this makes my life Oh so wonderful. No more pots spilling, falling, sliding, etc. :) Cleanup is a breeze and it's cheap, Php88($2) for a roll. I was able to cover 2 drawers and my table tops with one roll.

I also advise on using ceramic bowls. I consider it cleaner compared to using plastic ones. With plastic, i notice that it gets stained and harder to wash in time.

What can i say? I love these! And so cheap too. I keep the makeup i use on a daily basis on the smaller drawers, like pots, liquid liners, eyeshadow primers etc. I also store my kabukis and everyday brushes so keep them dust free. The bigger drawers are for items i seldom use to keep them from gathering dusts.

People will think that I'm shallow for giving this much attention to my makeup and how much makeup i own (which isn't much compared to others). I consider my makeups something that makes me happy so its only fitting that i take care of it. I'm brought up that way. Regardless of how old or new, i accord them the same love and care.

I hope i was able to give you an idea on how you can organize your makeups or whatever it is you collect.

And i would like to thank you guys out there for your blogs/vlogs who have inspired me on how to organize mine.

much love,

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  1. Thumbs up for being organized with your makeup! :)


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