Project: My Makeup Station

The Ellana Showroom was truly impressive. One could stay there all day. And when i saw their makeup station, i told Ms. Connie how much I want it for my room as well.

I decided to make it a PROJECT.

What I used:
Lights - Php380 each x 2 = Php760
Extension cord - 109.50
Mirror - 249.75
TOTAL: Php119.25 or $25(approx.)

Inspiration - Ellana Vanity Station

Thanks DAD for drilling the walls, installing the lights and mirror!
My dad is such a handyman. We barely need to hire anyone because he's good with fixing anything. :)

TADA!! My very own makeup station!

lit up! now, i can see my pore's pores! lol!

le sigh!

Now, I just need a chair and my room can be a salon! LOL!

You know what, when i was a little girl i wanted to have a vanity with lights on it... now, i do!

much love,

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  1. Partipipolsaeksena22/11/11 2:45 PM

    Nice set up.. Where did you buy the mirror and light by the way?. . I'm also planning to do a work station make over..


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