EOTNS: Dyesebel & Emanuel Ungaro Inspired

Hi! This look was done because I was having withdrawals from Shopping. I am itching to buy some makeup but I can't. :( So to keep my hands busy, I decided to do some inspired eye looks. (I can't study because i kept thinking of MAC and online shopping).

This first look was inspired by Dyesebel (Filipino Version of Little Mermaid) Telenovela when i caught a few minutes of it and saw the mermaids' makeups. I was suppose to do a smokey coral look but I decided to add a green element to it, instead of just a black eyeshadow. I figured that he green can represent the fins and/or the water.

Used: Ellana Confess, Ellana Marigold, Ellana Adore(higlight), Dark Green Pigment (outer V/Crease), NYX Eyeliner in Emerald City

This second look was inspired by one of the latest collection of MAC, Emanuel Ungaro. The colors are easily dupe-able. And I do agree that this seem to be a Spring-type of Collection instead of Fall. The colors are very light. Great for teens since it consists of pinks and purples. The colors are also great for prom or weddings. Well, that's just my opinion.

Used: my 120 Palette (Matte Pink, Matte Purple and Mid-tone brown), Jane Be Mineral Geliner in Dark Brown

My skin is improving but there are still scars and a few bumps (one on my nose!). I'm glad that at least i'm on my road to recovery. there is nothing more so disappointing that a beauty blogger with bad skin. :( but i guess with all the blessings i have been receiving, i should make a little sacrifice.

One thing though that i realize that there is nothing like a little R&R to ge that healthy looking skin back. And some organic skincare to speed up the healing process.

much love,

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