Review: BareNaturals Kabuki Princess Sythetic Brush Set

I've only recently known that BareNaturals has finally released their new and improved Kabuki Princess Proffesional Synthetic Brush Set.

When i started MMU, my only tool in application makeup was my oh so fab Charm Flat Top brush from Beauty and Minerals. While browsing the net, I stumbled upon a site who review the Kabuki Princess Brush Set and i was floored, not only it was cheap but it has the basic set of brushes a begginer could ever want. I immediately contacted BareNaturals and ordered one.

The brushes doesn't shed, stays in place, easy to wash and will be uber soft i think for forever.

Now, I must say that the new converts are lucky. They will be able to try the NEWest addi(c)tion to the BareNaturals collection.

The BareNaturals prides themselves with all natural products. What more way to celebrate this by offerring synthetic brushes to their clients, all vegan bristles made for us to love it more. I am really impressed with the new set. It is the same soft bristles that won't hurt your skin with the same chic handles. It is a full handle... not a small one, mind you.

The changes made are something to rave about. There is a powder brush, an angled brush, a foundation brush, a eye-buki brush(crease brush), eyeshadow, concealer, flat angled liner and thin liner brush with a chic faux leather case.

Totally great for travelling. I can't say a bad thing about these brushes! :) i mean, they practically popped my eye makeup cherry.

'Nuff said. Here are some pics for you to drool at. :)

i know you want one too!! Coz i do!!


face brushes. BareNaturals added an Angled Blush Brush, great for contouring cheekbones and applying blush with ease. The face brush works like a charm. They too out the fan brush which i think is not really an essential compared to the new angled brush.

ooohhh!! don't they look so pretty?

Body/Face/Blusher Brush Brush

ANGLED BLUSH BRUSH --- my fave of the bunch

Foundation brush

Small Concealer Shadow Brush

Mini Eye Buki (crease) Brush --- second fave. this changed my eye application tremendously. :)

Eye Shadow Brush

Flat Angled Liner Brush

Thin Liner Brush

These new brushes are priced at Php1300++/$28

I'm just really psyched about these brushes. Its like seeing an old friend who had a major makeover. :) Not that she wasn't fabulous to begin with.

All i say, you gotta try this. I'm not kidding.
As if i would.

much love,

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