Kikay Pinay Takes Action on Skin Problems

Today, i finally took a step and went to a Dermatologist.

My face has been acting out for the past weeks with acne flaring up in all places that no amount of facial or medication can cure. The midterms, late nights, unhealthy eating habits and careless attitude has taken a toll on my skin. I desperately needed an expert. Who did i call? I actually went back to my dermatologist who cured my puberty acnes. I went to Dermclinic, a professional dermatological center with numerous branches all over the Philippines. I go to their branch at Robinsons Metroeast Mall, just a block away from our house.

The last time i was there was February 2007. More than a year since my deep cleansing facial and treatment with glycolic.

This time, I availed the Acne Clear Advance (single treatment of Php2500($54)/6 sessions for Php10000($218)).

This complete program aims to clear off moderate to severe acne.

Step 1: Deep Cleansing Facial. This step fully removes dirt and toxin to achieve relaxed, toned and reenergized skin.
My notes: Nothing special really because it is just basic cleansing but i like the fact that a professional nurse is the one administering this to me. I like the mask since you will definitely feel the tightening of your skin.
Step 2: Fruit-based Peel. After cleansing, a specially formulated fruit-based solution is applied for total skin renewal.
My notes: The Dermatologist will be applying this to your face. It smells like acetone but it doesn't sting. I like this part a lot.
Step 3: Basic Acne Treatment. Once prepped up, the skin is treated in a specially-designed procedure to remove acne.
My notes: Boy oh boy oh boy does this hurt like hell! Be prepared to cry if you are not use to pricking. And if you've been bad to your skin (that's me!) then this is a fit enough punishment for you. But no fret because this is done by a doctor, a dermatologist, who clearly knows what they are doing. During this part, i was asked of things i do, take etc. Then i was advised of things to do to prevent more acnes from flaring up. It is a breath of fresh air, actually. But it was like being reprimanded at the same time. Which is important, nevertheless

Glycolic Peel Solution
was then applied to my face. It has less of the stinging sensation that it usually had way back. Maybe my skin was so numb from all the prodding and pricking. Sigh! Though it was a painful and tedious process, not to mention that my face is red with marks afterwards, my face face never felt better and clean. Imagine, recuperation after surgery. And my additional laser treatment (php100/$2) is probably one of my favorite.
Step 4: Dermatoligist may suggest some topical medicine in conjunction with oral antibiotics to complete the treatment.
My notes: My dermatologist prescribed for me to take Vitamin A, and a few topical medications to help my face heal as well as maintain it when it is cured. She also told me not to drink Vitamin E or Multivamins especially with B complex since this aggravates my acne.

Treatment: It is a truly painful process. I can't express enough how much hurting i had to endure just to rid myself of all these impurities. It was like puberty all over again. If you have severe acne, you really have to sacrifice for this one. I went through this before so i was prepared. I know a lot of you are scared of the pricking but it really is one of the important process of acne control especially when medications don't work. An it is always best to consult a professional before letting someone prick your face.

Price: In my honest opinion, the treatment alone is super expensive and not all of us can easily afford it. But for those who are like me whose face is full of acne, this is actually a small price to pay.

The medications are also not easy on the pocket. My skin care costs me about Php3000($65) and i haven't even bought all of them yet (the other two i left are about Php5000/$109), expensive in Philippine standards for the middle class. However, it has proven to be effective for me before so i tried not to mind as the cashier swiped my credit card.

The NuDerm Supreme Revitalizing Moisturizer is good buy since a lot of moisturizer are actually not good for oily skin like mine. I'm also happy that this particular moisturizer have sunscreen. One less thing to worry about.

I can't wait to get my hands of the other two products that i currently can't afford.

I do hope all of this work. But of course, we can't rely simply on the products and treatments. It is important that i have the discipline to eat healthier (argh!), get a good amount of sleep (yawn!) and drink lots and lots of water (sigh!). I have to make a conscientious effort to help my skin else it would always fail me.

So, excuse me if i will not be posting so much of my face (which some of you might be grateful! LOL!). It will be an injustice to show you what i look like right now. I do hope that everything will work out for me and that all this skin trouble will go away soon because i can't wait to get back on my FOTD roll. I will still be playing with makeup but not as much as before. I need to let my skin breath for a few days. This i guess is the best birthday gift i could give myself.

much love,

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