Saturday with Beauty Blogger friends + small MAC haul

I must be really really good. My professor for my Saturday class didn't feel holding classes so i was left to loiter around and meeting my beauty blogger girls! :)

I met up with the Jheng and Sophie at Glorietta after their shoot. We settled in at Gloria Jeans to chat away until S gets picked up for her friend's birthday party (she really is a busybee!). A few minutes later, Nikki of Askmewhats arrived with a small bag of goodies for J... Nailart Pens! Lucky, J! N impressed us with how skilled she is with nail art. In less than a minute, J's Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in Black was designed with cute white flowers. Love it!

I'm so glad that i finally met Nikki. After a few months of reading each other posts, i've considered Nikki to be one of those true friends here in blog world. She's really pretty, sweet and funny. A girl i could really get a long with. We also got to meet Mr. Photographer, her hubby, who is such a sweetheart for picking her up. They look uber cute together. :) Next time, you gotta stay longer so we can chat some more, Nikki! :) A day is indeed not enough to chat with these ladies. :)

phot credit:

our dear B taking a snooze while waiting for N. :)
busybee getting a little rest. readin this girl's planner will make you tired. lol! j/k!

I asked J to accompany me to check out Mario Badescue, but the price of the products' something i am not willing to part with. I settled for E.L.F Clarifyng Pressed Powder in Tone4 for contouring and Tone Correcting Concealer in Light.

Then, we visited MAC. I was soo floored by Style Minx after seeing Phoebe's that i just got to get one. :) And of course, the ever coveted Charged Water in Skin Hydrating Mist. Love it!

me and the evil twin? hmmm!!! pwede! :)

mirror mirror on the wall.. :)

having so much fun with mah girl, J. :)
i have pleasure seeker l/s on and J with holloywood nights!
there are so super duper hot!

J, happy with her wonderful loot. :)

heatherette collection now here in Manila! :) Finally!

with MAC Philippines' famoius makeup artists, liz and jarvin.

Neo Sci fi, my fave collection of the year.... so far. :)

Phoebe started it and we followed suit... Style Minx is gOw-gOoz!!!!

le sigh! finally!

I've always known that being in Jheng always involves food so here we are munching at their usual resto during school days, Ebun located at Greenbelt. :) Great Filipino menu. More on my next post. :)

After receiving some bad news, J and I decided to head to her place to she can get some work done early and me play with her collection. O my, does she have a lot that she was willing to part ways with some of it. This girl is soooo GENEROUS! She gave me some of the samples she got but haven't had much time using. Thanks, girl!!

me, raiding her sample kits. :) hihihihi!
and of course...

my very neutral EOTD, using neo sci-fi collection. :)

i've been pretty busy this weekend. you'll see them on the upcoming posts. :)

much love,

P.S. Sab, the one i used in the middle is a very paler purple so it looks somewhat pinkish with the plummy purple on the outer lid. :)

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