Do you have Good Posture?

now here's a guy who knows good posture

If yes, then all is well with you. If no, read away. :)

In this day and age, spending time on the computer is a lifestyle but it has its share of downside as well. We owe it to ourselves to take care of our body.

Today, we will see to our posture.

The story:
My bad love affair with bad posture started when I started growing breast. I started showing as early as 5th grade.My body (if not my height), matured rapidly. I was proud of it. However , i was teased as "Betty Boobs" in sixth grade that i started to draw back from being proud of my new developments. That, i think, is the day i started to slouch to avoid my breast showing. It is also contributory that my body frame could not cope with my breasts that i just started to slouch for comfort. It did not help when i started to spend more time online instead of outdoors.

Results of Bad Posture:
1. Excessive strain on our postural musles
2. Appearance of lack of self-confidence
3. Tiresome appearance
4. Shallow breathing
5. Energy not properly flowing in your body

If you are not a kid and always told to sit up straight, that means you have a posture problem.

Can we correct our bad posture? YES.

Here's a a few tips i picked up along my journey in improving my posture:

  • Pick a good chair that will fit your bodyframe. (Small chair for petite person(ehem!), Big chair for tall persons)
  • Sit up straight. (this grade school mantra is still a great practice. pretend to be your terror homeroom teacher.)
  • Align your ears, shoulder and hips in vertical line. Avoid crossing legs (this is hard, my legs are crossed just now)
  • When sitting, make sure to sit your back against the chair with your knees at hip level. petite girls like me can use a foot stool to maintain this)
  • Avoiding sitting or standing for prolonged period of time - stretch out every 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Minimize wearing high heeled shoes for long period of time.
  • Exercise and concentrate on strengthening your back and shoulders.
  • Practice and patience helps - we have been remissed so we have to suffer.
  • Tell a friend of this problem and ask them to remind you if you are slouching.
  • Be conscious of your posture - be your own drill sergeant.
  • Take proper food and supplements.

This will take time and will surely pay off to give you that glorious posture. But if this persist, consult your doctor in other ways in improving your posture. Especially if you experience back, neck or shoulder pains regularly.


I've got to stretch my back now.

much love,

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