Answering Q's about my Cherryculture Haul :)

For those wondering, I didn't pay for shipping because of the Free Shipping to US addresses for $40 above purchase promo on both of my orders. And I had it shipped to Hawaii, at my Godmother's place. Since, my other Aunt is arriving earlier, she brought it with her instead. Hence, i received it way before August. :)

I also wouldn't know if there will be additional payment (like tax) if you claim your package at your local Post Office, but so far I haven't paid any when i claim package. Although there are stories in which some fellow makeup enthusiast had to pay the extra for tax aside from the P35 or above charge every pick up. But i think this only happens if your package is boxed, I'm really not sure. I do hope i don't experience that in the future.

It helps to wait before ordering. Ask if you have relatives visiting soon to save on shipping. the box is pretty small, i'm sure they wouldn't mind. Or you can ask them to take your items from the box since it is bubblewrapped. Just make sure it is secure from breaking, especially if you are ordering eyeshadows. Ask them to kepp it where it won't be shaken like their luggage where they keep their clothes. Or even ask an online friend whom you trust to send it to you in an envelope. It pays to ask friends who have ordered who have not experienced additional tax and have them shipped at their place instead of yours.

Overall, buying online is really risky. Especially, if some people who works in the PO's of our cities aren't that trustworthy. I've had my share of lost packages. But we just have to take the good with the bad.

Hope this helps.

much love,

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