a wedding and neo sci fi inspired eyes

June is the month for wedding. The bf's fraternity brother, Idus, got married today to his love of his life, LeighAnn. The wedding was simple but with a touch of elegance. I was a bit teary eyed when they were saying their vows and the part where the parents gave their speeches to the newly wedded couples.

I noticed lately how a lot of my dear friends, college buddies and acquaintances are getting married. I guess there is no use pretending that we are really growing up, doing the things the time immemorial has been doing.

This, as well, was the first wedding that R and I attended. Being together for nearly three years, I feel safe to assume that we might go that same path together. After all, we have been talking about our future plans. However, faced with an actual wedding happening in front us, I cannot deny the feel of envy and excitement. I wish to walk down the aisle myself. It was quite comforting that R was holding my hand the whole time the wedding was officiating. Having known a lot of men, it was a major point never to talk about marriage if can be helped. R was very different. He openly discussed what type of wedding he would want.. I candidly said i wanted it to be held in Boracay (which i truly do) and he candidly replied "Be, I'd sweat a lot during the ceremony if the wedding is on the beach!" We laughed it off and discussed more which hotels we could consider. In the end, he was very much open to the Boracay idea. He even said it was a good test to know who are true friends are since they would need to fly to Boracay island for the wedding. LOL! R was also talking about how much it would cost, how much he would need to save etc. etc. It was wise not to cut him off and just listen. That alone is a testament that he wants to get married, just at the right time. And I'm very much happy to know that he really is serious about it. It was not merely fancy speeches. And i would very much love to be future Mrs. R. He even texted when he got home, "I'd be the happiest if we legally become mr. and mrs. R". Sigh!!!

But in all things, God's will be done.

Mr. And Mrs. D

me, Leigh, Idus and the MUA for leigh

I didn't catch the bouquet, this was just a fun pic we took. Idus and Leigh kept saying, we'll be the next to get married so it's just right i get the bouquet. lol!

sisters by affinity: Leigh and Shen

love him!!!


My FOTD: Neo sci-fi toned down inspired look. :)

Ellana Desire inner lid
Ellana Delicate outer to crease
Elianto in soft yellow highlighter
Mac Blacktrack eyeliner
Maybelline volume express

Mary Kay Signature Concelaer in Ivory
MaxFactor True Miracle Liquid Illusion foundation in Sand
Ellana Hazelnut Latte foundation
BareNaturals Bubblegum Blush
Ellana Almond Coffee Cream Finishing Powder

Maybelline Naturals 021
MAC Fafi in Cult Fave

So, what's your favorite part of the wedding?

much love,

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